MCAO calls for outside review of gang charges filed against protesters at a Phoenix rally – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-02-22 23:53:32 –

Phoenix — Maricopa County lawyer Alistair Adele sought an external review after ABC15 exposed a gang accusation filed against protesters at a Phoenix rally on October 17, 2020.

According to Adele’s office, she provided retired Judge Roland Steinle of the High Court with an external review of the case surrounding an individual prosecution as a member of a criminal street gang arrested on October 17, 2020. I requested that you do. “

Adele withdrew the fee a week later ABC15 “politically prosecuted” investigation The number of exposed gangs was based on suspicious claims and lies.

This case was not the only attempt by MCAO to classify protesters as members of the gang. ABC15 also found that in another case, four defendants were accused in court by prosecutors of being members of a gang.

MCAO did not provide the defendant lawyer with information to justify the allegations and withdrew them in accordance with ABC15’s report.

ABC15 recently contacted Adele’s office to request an interview about the gangster’s accusations. Since that request, Adele has chosen to interview two other local media outlets who had previously had minimal coverage of the story.

On Monday, hours before MCAO released an external review, ABC15 asked a spokesperson details of questions including specific days and events allegedly that Adele and her team of leaders had discussed the gang’s accusations prior to prosecution. I sent you a list.

They argue that it is “inappropriate” to interview ABC15 on this topic as Adele’s office has sought an external review.

The full statement regarding the call for reviews by Maricopa County lawyer Alistair Adele is as follows:

“As a county attorney, I promise to ensure that this office complies with the highest standards. To ensure that these standards are reflected in the more than 30,000 proceedings filed each year. I understand that each case affects a community of individuals, including defendants, victims, families, employers, and more.

I believe that in this particular issue I should have done better to meet these criteria, so with the help of retired judge Roland Steinle, I claim in the interests of the community or in those cases I’ve reviewed the steps I’m taking when making my decision, which can affect my policy. We also asked him to improve our process and provide recommendations to see if there is a potential ethical violation in connection with the prosecution of these proceedings. “

MCAO calls for outside review of gang charges filed against protesters at a Phoenix rally Source link MCAO calls for outside review of gang charges filed against protesters at a Phoenix rally

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