McConnell argues early against the Senate as the Trump impeachment controversy progresses

The House of Representatives had enough votes on Wednesday to impeach President Trump for inciting a violent rebellion against the US government. More than half a dozen members of the presidential party have joined the Democratic Party and charged him with unprecedented high crime and contempt.

The House of Representatives, reconvened under the threat of continued violence and the protection of thousands of National Guards, decided to be held accountable just a week before Mr. Trump resigned. At stake was his role in encouraging mobs who attacked the Capitol a week ago, with Congress meeting to confirm the victory of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. I was forced to run away with my life due to a violent rampage.

The House of Representatives was on the verge of adopting the impeachment article, accusing Mr. Trump of “inciting violence against the US government” and demanding his immediate dismissal and disqualification from holding it again.

At least nine Republicans, including Congressman Liz Cheney of Wyoming, the party’s third-largest leader in the House of Representatives, supported the indictment with a striking break from the leader. She issued a statement on Tuesday announcing her intention to vote for impeachment, but Cheney did not stand up to support the article on the floor.

It seemed unlikely that a senator would be convened and sentenced by January 20, when Biden took the oath of office, but voting is still underway and the stage for Mr. Trump’s second Senate trial. It became. The final procedure by which Mr. Trump tried to pressure Ukraine to slander Mr. Biden was a partisan case.

Now, Republican leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Senator, can support efforts as a means of purging Mr. Trump’s party and shape the course of American politics when the country remains. It was said to have set up a political and constitutional confrontation, which is dangerously divided.

In a memo to a Republican colleague on Wednesday, McConnell did not deny his support for the impeachment, but he said, “I have not made a final decision on how to vote. When will I listen to the legal debate? ” They are submitted to the Senate. “

Mr. Trump did not show any disadvantage to his actions. However, in preparation for Wednesday’s vote, he issued a statement urging his supporters to maintain peace as federal officials warned of a wave of national violence surrounding Mr. Biden’s inauguration.

“There should be no violence, violations of the law, or vandalism,” the president said in a statement read by the Republican Party in the House of Representatives. “It’s not what I represent, it’s not what America represents. I call on all Americans to help relieve tension and calm their temper.”

The House of Representatives vote was historic. Only the other two presidents were impeached. No one has been impeached twice, either by such a large bipartisan margin or by being very close to resigning.

Before voting, California Chairman Nancy Pelosi said, “A constitutional remedy to ensure that the Republic is safe from this man who is determined to destroy what we value and connect us.” I begged my colleague to accept.

“He has to go. He is a clear and present danger to a country we all love,” she added later, “saying this does not give me joy. It is my It breaks my heart. “

Republicans, who unanimously stood behind Mr. Trump in the first impeachment in 2019, were split in this indictment.

Congressman Kevin McCarthy, a Republican leader in the House of Representatives, opposed the impeachment and warned that he would “further incite the flames of partisanship.” But he also accused Mr. Trump of the attack and defeated false suggestions from some of his colleagues that Antifa was actually the cause of the siege, rather than a loyal to Mr. Trump. It was. He proposed to blame the president instead of impeaching.

“The president is responsible for the mob riots attacking Congress on Wednesday,” McCarthy said. “He should have immediately blamed the mob when he saw what was unfolding.”

Democrats and some Republicans easily tried to take another course. They urged Mr. Trump to voluntarily resign and voted late Tuesday to ask Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to deprive Mr. Trump of his powers for the rest of his term. did. Mr. Trump refused, and Mr. Pence also refused.

McConnell argues early against the Senate as the Trump impeachment controversy progresses

Source link McConnell argues early against the Senate as the Trump impeachment controversy progresses

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