McCorriff confronts former Carlyle CEO Yongkin in Virginia Governor’s election

Democratic veteran Terry McAuliffe will face former Republican CEO Glenn Youngkin in this year’s Virginia Governor’s election.

In November, only two states, Virginia and New Jersey, will win. Democratic incumbent Phil Murphy is expected to be reelected in New Jersey, but analysts said Virginia’s election campaign was a “fault” that drew national interests.

Kyle Kondik of the University of Virginia Political Center pointed out that the governor’s election, which takes place a year after the presidential election, has historically been considered a referendum. Party at the White House.

This year’s contest is considered the first important election test for Biden and the Democratic Party. Next year’s midterm electionsWhen the dozens of governors are in conflict with both Houses of Parliament. This also marks an opportunity for Republicans to regain the support of moderate voters who have left the party for hating Donald Trump.

Virginia Governor McCorriff from 2014 to 2018 won the Democratic state-wide primary on Tuesday and became the top of the five candidates. Democratic incumbent Ralph Norsam Cannot seek primaries under state law that prohibits officials from serving consecutive terms.

Mr. McCorriff, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said Longtime ally Bill and Hillary Clinton will face Yongkin in the November elections.

Having never been elected, Yongkin left Carlyle last year after working for a private-equity fund for 25 years and ran for governor in January. He won the Republican nomination after last month’s party convention and secured support from Mr. Trump, who said Mr. Trump “knows how to infuriate Virginia’s economy.”

His net worth is reported to be about $ 300 million, and his campaign announced last week that he had raised about $ 16 million from donors, just above the $ 15 million that McCorriff had raised. ..

However, Yongkin faces a tough battle to win in Virginia. Made a big profit In recent years, largely supported by former Republicans and nonpartisan voters in the suburbs. In November, Biden was the first Democrat to Win in Virginia Since Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944, there has been a difference of more than 10 points.

Analysts said Yongkin needs to strike a delicate balance of regaining moderate Republicans without alienating conservatives. Trump Support Base If he wins in November.

But history may be on his side, given that Virginia has tended to elect governors from parties that don’t belong to the White House in recent decades …

“[Virginia] “This is sometimes seen as one of the first challenges of the new presidential administration,” Condik added. “Frankly, the administration often fails.

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McCorriff confronts former Carlyle CEO Yongkin in Virginia Governor’s election

Source link McCorriff confronts former Carlyle CEO Yongkin in Virginia Governor’s election

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