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McDaniel gets max bonus for leadership of OKCPS during COVID year – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free press) — Oklahoma City Public School Director Sean McDaniel receives the greatest bonus for leadership performance during the 2020-2021 pandemic school year.

This decision was made by the Board of Education Executive Committee on Monday and was passed as an addendum to his contract evaluation, which was passed in a public session after the Executive Committee.

The bonus is $ 25,700, or 10% of his salary, and is the largest bonus allowed on McDaniel’s contract.

Board members attended were Paula Lewis, Carol A. Thompson, Laurie N. Bowman, Carrie Jacobs, Mark H. Mann, Gloria Torres, and Meg McElhoney. Ruth Villes was absent.

Like most government agencies, Oklahoma’s public school district ends its fiscal year on June 30th and begins a new year on July 1st. In other words, the board of education’s evaluation of the supervisor will be completed by the end of June.

“Right man”

President Paula Lewis told Free Press after the meeting that McDaniel “exceeded the expectations they might have” by taking the initiative to lead the school district throughout the pandemic grades. ..

“It was clear that he did an extraordinary job,” Lewis said. “Sean is the perfect person for the job.”

She explained that when McDaniel first visited the school district 36 months ago, and even this year-old school year ending in June, she faced many unpredictable situations.

“We led the state this year in servicing families, students and teachers,” said Lewis.

McDaniel’s contract is “all performance-based,” Lewis said. He is given feedback each year, as well as a one-time assessment at the end of the year.

His bonus is based on the percentage of goals achieved each year. Goals are agreed by McDaniel and the Board at the beginning of each grade.

Proposed changes

The languages ​​of the two policy sets were first read aloud on Monday. That is, the idea was asked and discussed, but the action will be taken later on the final version of the policy. They deal with policies within the school district that focus on the school board process.

One is to clarify what makes up the majority, depending on the number of board members present in a quorum of five or more. The language proposed on Monday raised a number of questions, stating that district lawyers needed to clarify the language.

Another proposed change was to clarify the meaning of abstention in voting. At this time, abstentions have the effect of a negative vote, as those who abstain are still counted to win a majority in the vote.

The new languages ​​that may be proposed and further modified are:

“All members of the board must vote for or against all required board actions or declare abstention. Withdrawal does not count as a vote. A majority of the votes are If you agree, the motion will pass. “

Public comments

A whole new section has been proposed for public comments.

The new proposal requires that the first 10 requests for public comments be considered within 30 minutes for all public comments unless the Chairman decides to increase the time before the meeting. I will.

Inappropriate comments will be addressed in the suggested language.

“The individual dignity of board members, school district staff, students, and the general public must be respected by all speakers. Board members, employees, students, or the general public may be verbally abused. I will not receive it. “

And the proposed new language attempts to clarify and narrow the subject of public comments.

“Public comments are not required by the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act and are only allowed if properly listed as board agenda items. Boards of education are usually on the agenda of regular board meetings. Include public comments as items. State law prohibits board members from responding to public comments or answering questions raised during public comments.

The list of themes not allowed in public comments extends under the proposed wording and includes individual student discipline issues, pending complaints or legal issues, and defamatory comments to anyone.

All proposals are scheduled for more work and time for the Board to process before voting.

Next meeting

As the end of the year is approaching, the board will hold a working session on June 21 if a sufficient number of board members can attend the convened meeting.

The next regular board meeting will be on June 28, and the board will take action on the budget for the next year by July 1.

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McDaniel gets max bonus for leadership of OKCPS during COVID year Source link McDaniel gets max bonus for leadership of OKCPS during COVID year

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