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Fresno, CA (KFSN)-ABC30 segment, education spotlight, action news anchor Landonberg talks with Merced County Education Department (MCOE) staff on some of the biggest topics in education.

Adults in Merced County who are about to complete their high school diploma have several additional opportunities.

Landonberg talked to the district foreman about the comeback charter school.

Descent: So, Dr. Titchen, for those who don’t know … What is a Comeback Charter School?

Dr. Steve Titchen: That’s why the Comeback Charter School, located here in Merced County Education Department, focuses on students who haven’t graduated from high school for the first time. It is designed for groups of students who are unable to actually attend adult school due to work schedules or other complexity of adult life. So our Comeback Charter School is a high school degree program that focuses on young adults and in fact middle-aged adults getting a high school diploma. Diploma. And because it was a program only three years ago that graduated from about 150 students, and the stories you hear from these adults about how it is changing their lives are truly heartwarming. We are excited.

Descent: So what kind of accommodation do you need to have so that you can simply schedule the burden on many people?

Dr. Titchen: Well, traditional adult schools need seating time. Students must be seated from 8am to noon or from noon to 4pm. Because our comeback charter school is an independent learning format, we meet with teachers once a week and at times of the day as needed. As a result, the charter school approach is much more flexible and no traditional adult school requires “seating time”.

Descent: It sounds like each person’s experience at the comeback charter school is different. Is it fair to say?

Dr. Titchen: It’s really fair, and we come to a wide range of people, from young pregnant mothers who dropped out of high school to former felony people involved in street gangs and high school. Their high school days were imprisoned. They come out of jail and are looking for a way back to society, and they discover that you know they can get a minimum wage job, but that’s what they need It means you can’t get a diploma from that high school and move up in life. And a number of students have a degree. They have a professional qualification, a truck driver’s license or skills in one of our “empower” programs, connected to the Labor Development Commission here in Merced County. .. I work as a plumber. Well, this kind of success story is thrilling for me. Because not only do we give these people the opportunity to do real work to build self-esteem, but the family also helps them pay taxes, bring people back to our economy and bring our community to all. Make it better for people. With a high percentage of citizens in Merced County who do not have a high school diploma, we really want to serve the group and make sure they have that diploma.

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MCOE Education Spotlight: Comeback Charter School helps adults finish their high school education Source link MCOE Education Spotlight: Comeback Charter School helps adults finish their high school education

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