MCW President: Worker shortage a ‘real concern’ ahead of vaccine mandate – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-28 18:17:30 –

The president of the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Medical College states that a shortage of workers is a real concern as we approach the date of the COVID-19 vaccine.

John Raymond, President of the University of Wisconsin Medical School, told WTMJ that about 92% of its employees are vaccinated as of today.

“Our deadline is November 1st, and if we plan to complete it by then, people will need to start a two-dose course today,” Raymond said.

Approximately 100 people are granted exemption applications for religious or disabled people. Dr. Raymond says some employees were also given 100% work because of their home responsibilities.

When it comes to long-term employment, Dr. Raymond states that concerns about lack of work are real.

“This is a concern for front-line healthcare providers, but probably more for support staff who can find jobs in other industries,” said Dr. Raymond. “We hired some animal protection technicians in the field of study and some of the public security officials resigned, but that’s really a small number of people.

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