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Austin, Texas — Stephanie Elizalde is the director of the Austin Independent School District. It is the largest district in Austin, Texas.

“One day, in retrospect, there’s a silver lining. Now that I’m in the middle of another time, it can be a little hard to find.”

Elizarde says they are determined to learn directly this year.

“We want to make it look like a typical face-to-face school day, and all the protection we can do for our students, especially during times when most vaccines are not yet available. I want to repeat. The youngest learner. “

Last year, the school district was able to require everyone to wear a mask at school. However, this year, an executive order from the governor prohibits government agencies such as counties, cities, school districts, public health authorities, and government officials from requiring masks to be worn.

according to BrubioTexas is a company that aggregates school and community data across the country and is currently one of eight states that school districts are banning from requiring masks.

A statement from Governor Greg Abbott’s office said: All Texas people have the right to choose between wearing a mask or having their child wear a mask. Vaccines are the most effective defense against COVID infection and serious illness, and continue to require all qualified Texas people to be vaccinated. “

Dr. Joshua Schaffzin is responsible for infection prevention and management at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

“Our recommendation is that everyone wears a mask while in school, which includes all teachers and staff, not just all students.”

Dr. Shafjin said it is important for vaccinated people to wear masks as they still have breakthrough infections that could endanger unvaccinated children. I have. He also believes that adults wearing masks will encourage their children to do the same.

“Our teachers are role models for our children. They show proper behavior, proper manners, and proper practices. They teach how to live and grow, and teachers teach children. It should be shown that the safest way to be in school is to mask. “

Dr. Shafjin says there is scientific evidence through population-based studies that prove the effectiveness of masks.

“In the early days, there was a hair salon in Missouri, with two stylists and about 140 clients. And both stylists were symptomatological, they were both coughing and sick, but masked. And everyone had to wear a mask. When the CDC entered and interviewed, 68 out of 140 people agreed to the interview, but one of them was not infected. “

He says additional studies showed a two-fold reduction in cases when masking was introduced. In the COVID protection bundle, Dr. Shafjin states that masking, distance, hand hygiene, cleaning, vaccination, and good ventilation all contribute to disease prevention.

She can’t mandate it, but Elizarde says students and staff still want to choose to wear a mask.

“Before vaccination, the use of masks was so successful that we tell all staff and all students that masks not only protect you, but can be a truly heroic act. I strongly encourage you to return to the fact that there is, but it also protects the people around you, “said Elizarde.

“It’s not expensive and it’s not difficult. We do what we’ve been doing all the time. It’s life-saving,” said Dr. Shafjin.

Medical expert explains why kids and those that are vaccinated should wear masks at school Source link Medical expert explains why kids and those that are vaccinated should wear masks at school

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