Medical expert weighs in on vaccine misinformation shared by police union president – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-07-21 23:30:41 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) —Recent Articles from Partners Omaha World Herald He noted the fact that 41% of Omaha police officers have not yet been vaccinated.

This was the news that some people, like Democratic Nebraska Chairman Jane Kleeb, were upset.

On Monday she sent a message to police officers on Twitter saying it was terrible that there were still many unvaccinated police officers.

“You are a helper. You are in contact with many citizens. Shoot,” she wrote.

That same day, Tony Connor, president of the Omaha Police Officers Association, replied to Cleeve: Doctors advise not to vaccinate patients infected with the virus. “

Connor went on to tell Cleeve to keep his mouth closed after more than 200 police officers were infected with COVID-19.

Connor himself Was among those 200 officers A person infected with COVID-19, what he said In advertising For Mayor Jean Stozart’s campaign.

“When I got infected with COVID, it hit me a lot. I was literally on the verge of death in COVID in the ICU,” Connor said.

This isn’t the first time Connor and the Democratic leaders of Nebraska have their heads. Cleeve says the party’s accusations, which want to defend the police station, are moving the wedge between the police and the Democratic Party.

“I don’t understand why he’s doing this,” Cleeve told 3NewsNow Wednesday. He is now a Republican army. “

As a community leader, she adds that Connor needs to use her platform more responsibly.

“He has a big platform. He represents police officers who we all respect and know they are at stake every day,” Cleeve said. You can oppose the Democratic Party, but you shouldn’t tell them to shut their mouths or give the public false medical advice. “

Mark Wrap, Professor and Chief of Infectious Diseases Nebraska medicine, It is recommended that all qualified individuals be vaccinated, including those infected with COVID-19.

“Everyone, whether you’re in public or not, is in contact with others and has different steps in our lives,” Rap said. It’s the right thing to do to protect yourself, your family, your loved ones, and the right things for your community. “

He says the data show uneven innate immunity.

“After someone gets infected with COVID-19, they are probably protected for a period of time, usually 2-3 months, but then we start to get nervous.”

And since I already had COVID-19, it proved to be ineffective against the new Delta variant. This is currently the top evolution of COVID-19 in the country.

Wrap says vaccination is an easy way to make sure you are protected.

“We really think that hospitalization and death from COVID-19 are primarily preventable problems,” he said.

The· Disease Control Center He also states that being infected with COVID-19 is not a reason to avoid vaccination.

3 News Now contacted Tony Connor and the Omaha Police Department for comment and said they could talk to us on Thursday. We will follow up and keep you up to date with the latest information.

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Medical expert weighs in on vaccine misinformation shared by police union president Source link Medical expert weighs in on vaccine misinformation shared by police union president

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