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Wadsworth, Ohio (WJW) – A family of girls in Medina County with special needs is trying to raise enough money to get a specially trained service dog.

3-year-old Evelyn Huber Wadsworth Born as “Evy”, a rare hereditary disorder that slowed her development and affected her muscle tone.

“She turned over and was very late to get up. She didn’t crawl until she was about 20 months old. She started walking a little independently this year, and She is behind in all other respects. When it comes to speech and fine motor skills, they are behind. She basically has to be watched over and treated like a baby, “says her mother Anna.・ Hoover said.

Evelyn’s parents say she had a close relationship with her family dog, Josie, and that their relationship helped Evelyn improve her mobility and communication skills.

Unfortunately, Josie died in 2020, and the family now believes that service dogs will become an important part of Evelyn’s development as she grows older.

“Keep a dog that can support her day-to-day work, increase mobility and independence, as well as keep her safe,” the mother said.

Evelyn’s family learned about an Ohio-based nonprofit organization. Ability Inc.4 legs It raises and trains service dogs.

According to the organization, the cost of teaching a dog to meet Evelyn’s specific needs is about $ 40,000, and the Hoovers are required to raise a total of $ 17,000.

“I have never asked for this kind of money, but Evi is our little sweet and we just want to see the best for her,” she says, wiping her tears. rice field.

Donations to support payments for assistance dog training can be made directly Evelyn Huber’s name four ability legs. So far, Evelyn’s family has reached half of their funding goals.

“It means the world to us. Really, people are very happy to help us. We asked strangers to give us money. It just means the world to us.” Anna said.

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