Meet Car Sounds, a TikTok star that mimics the sound of a car engine

“I’m doing my best here,” Greg Gebojanian says into the microphone in his white headphones. At 7am, he was still in bed and had a BMW M badge on his headboard.

“I have a voice.” He pauses and closes his lips. “”Vvv. And I have my tongue: rrrrrrrr. Combining both at full major third intervals yields two tones, “he says. Baa, Daa“He sings. [are] 2 pitch? “

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Why don’t you put it all together! My real OG remembers these!

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Then it’s a V-10 engine. He mimics the sound of a crankshaft spinning at about 3000 rpm, as he prepares to launch launch control.

Gevojanyan’s TikTok account, @ mr.carsounds, Approaching 2.5 million followers. He is studying mechanical engineering at the University of Southern California when Burbank natives do not imitate the sound of our favorite car on his headphones. What’s his next step? Become a full-time YouTube personality.

“Keeping the same intervals and going up an octave, a [Lamborghini] Huracan“He says. “If you don’t add lips, E60 BMW M5He uses his fingers to imitate a V-10-equipped sedan that mimics a tachometer. Fans of Gevojanyan will find that they do this often on TikTok videos.After the test 493 horsepower Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RSGevojanyan has recreated the sound of a launch control start that makes a mid-engined Porsche reach 60mph in 2.8 seconds.

Gevojanyan often records his video late at night in the parking lot or bathroom. These may look like strange places for a 20 year old to spend time, but each provides the sound needed to get the most out of Gevojanyan’s talent.

“The best video I have on the internet is me sitting on the ground in a car-sounding parking lot,” he says. Gevojanyan has submitted a video audition America’s Got Talent In his walk-in shower, put his phone in the shampoo holder.

2020 Subaru wrx series white

Michael SimariCar and driver

In the video audition, he imitates the Lamborghini Huracán. Subaru WRX (to show off the turbo sound), Porsche Carrera GT, Mazda RX-7, Toyota Supra. “You have to do a show,” he says. Therefore, in the case of Furacan, he uses a large shift paddle to imitate.Or if you are imitating the sound of a right-hand drive Japanese market vehicle such as the RX-7 or RX-7 AboveMake sure he shifts with his left hand.

Whether it’s a turbocharged 6-cylinder engine or a high-speed, naturally aspirated V10 engine, the technology required varies from engine to engine. “Viper is full of cheeks and very deep,” he says. In some of his videos, he teaches viewers how to make his sound. One shows how to mimic the swirl of a turbocharger. shu tu tu sound I will make the wastegate.

Lexus LFA Nürburgring Package

Piston head

“”[Lexus] LFA V-10, Carrera GT, even firing, super high revs, “he says. He takes off his headphones for this and has his microphone just above his mouth. “Same thing, but one octave higher.”

If he is with a friend and gets inspiration to make a video, he tells his friend that he has to go to the bathroom. “They will be like’whatever he is working’,” he says with a laugh.

After reviewing his video audition America’s Got Talent I contacted Gevojanyan for a face-to-face performance. Gevojanyan will continue to upload his new content to his TikTok account while he waits for a chance to bring his talent to the TV screen. There, his video continues to record hundreds of thousands of views and appears in the feeds of TikTok users around the world. ..

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Meet Car Sounds, a TikTok star that mimics the sound of a car engine

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