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Rapper Jeezy will soon be a 4-year-old dad! Here you will learn all about his three children from past relationships.

Jeezy, 43, there is a fourth bunch of joy along the way!Rapper’s wife Jeannie Mai, 42, announced Her pregnancy At her show real September 20.This is Jeannie’s first child, and Jeezy (real name) JajenkinsIn fact, I already have three children from the previous two relationships.He is the father of his son Jadarius Jenkins, 25, and Siheim Jenkins, And daughter Amla No Jenkins, 7.

Jeezy seems to be overjoyed to be his fourth father.He posted after Genie shared the news of pregnancy Photo In the picture of the couple on the boat, it says “Blessing son Blessings”. Because Jeezy is preparing the baby. 4, learn all about the other three kids of the rapper.

Jeezy & Jeannie Mai at New York Fashion Week on February 6, 2020 (Photo: Shutterstock)

Jadarius Jenkins

Jeezy’s eldest son is his son Jadarius, who is ex Tenesha embankment.. Jeezy passed by in September 2012 Young jizzy At the time, Arrested After a quarrel with one of his sons, it was uncertain whether it was related to Jadarius or Scheheim. Gigi reportedly threw the boy into the door and threatened to kill him. Jeezy turned himself into a police officer and put in a $ 45,000 deposit.

In December 2018, Jadarius was involved in a quarrel in Warner Robins, Georgia, which caused “serious” scars on his face. Man.. Jadarius was reportedly treated for his injury and healed completely.

Siheim Jenkins

Siheim Jenkins, like his brother Jadarius, is the son of Gigi and Tenesa. Shyheim hasn’t been in the limelight very much and isn’t quite active on his social media accounts. Shyheim is nowhere in Jeezy Instagram feed, His brother is not. Instead, Jeezy usually records his outings with Jeannie and his lap efforts.

Jeezy having dinner in Atlanta, Georgia on November 20, 2020 (Photo: Shutterstock)

Amla No Jenkins

Jeezy’s youngest is, for now, his daughter Amra Nor Jenkins.Amla was born in February 2014 and her mother is a musician Marlet “Mahi” Gebregi Orgis.. Jeezy and Mahi got engaged in December 2016, but split in 2019 and have been in bad shape ever since. They were reportedly involved in a horrific custody battle over Amra and settled by the rapper paying $ 7,500 a month for child support and $ 30,000 for school tuition.

However, in 2020, when Mahi accused Gigi of not paying a custody agreement, exe returned to court. Jeezy denied this and accused Mahi of adjusting things because of the “bitterness” of Jeezy’s relationship with Jeannie. For each report.. The outcome of the proceedings is currently unknown.

Meet his three children before Genie May gives birth – Hollywood Life

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