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Beyond the show on Friday, June 3rd, as part of Bayview’s Gallery Night (BVGN), Molly Chase is an artist in many industries. I met Molly in her salon chair because she is one of the best people for Milwaukee’s curly hair. After spending time together in the salon, we often saw her macrame part directly in my gaze and became a fast friend.

Chase is one of the people who can change something from nothing to everything you want. It’s a big statement, but it’s true. During the quarantine when the salon was closed, she focused her business on professionally organizing and decorating for her clients. She can organize her room while chic with her own style and her handmade art.

I was fortunate enough to buy one of her favorite macrame pieces and driftwood shaped like a shark’s teeth. Now she presents an entire collection of similar items of different materials and sizes, so anyone can add textures to their art collection.

Your #BVGN show will take place at Freya Salon – what is the connection?

I was one of Freyja’s first owners with the other six about 15 years ago and shared it until I decided to reduce my responsibility to carry out other art projects. After noticing that many salons do not offer this specialty, I focused my hair business on curly and textured hair. Milwaukee has a large market for diverse hair care. I still have a chair in Freyja, and I’m exhibiting macrame’s work on the wall. Having a third show on the wall of the salon I started is a very round-trip moment for me.

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Where are the inspirations and materials for these beautiful macrame works?

I’m a very visual learner, so I take a closer look at Instagram to get craft inspiration and usually teach myself how to make what I like. It doesn’t sound like a cliché, but I love long walks on the beach. There, I find driftwood that acts as the base or mount for my work.

Do you have a favorite work you made?

One of my favorite pieces I actually sold to you [Sandy]— It was a small thing that made driftwood that looked like shark teeth. I wanted it to be in the shape of driftwood and give the final product animal-like character, but in the end it came true. While I wasn’t working in the salon during the pandemic, I spent a lot of time making more pieces, so I held the show on June 3rd. Oh, and another favorite piece to see (and buy) in Freyja. Made from a set of real donkey bones and a total statement piece that works in both modern and rustic spaces.

What’s Next for Your Creative Radar?

I work as an interior designer for an individual client and have several other crafts. I wanted to teach people how to make macrame and how to use natural-based dyes in indoor fabrics, but now I’m focusing on my macrame. As far as I can remember, I call Milwaukee my home. It brings me joy to help create an optimal and well-designed space while incorporating this aesthetic into the lives of others.

Where can people see your work or contact you?

My Bayview Gallery Night Show is held at Freya Salon (2318 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.) and you can see some of my work on my Instagram @mmmolly_ccchase. We also do custom art and personalized interior design. And of course, I continue to style and haircut at Freyja, a great way to meet people all over Milwaukee.

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