Meet the 2021 Summer Olympic Games: Video

The best team!American Olympic athletes head to Tokyo to compete on the world stage in just a few days, but before they show off their talents, athletes exclusively We weekly To share the unrequited love of their celebrities, their hidden talents, and how they crush the nerves they have before big matches and competitions. Watch the exclusive video above to get to know Team USA!

Rai Benjamin,Athletics
The 23-year-old athlete is the third fastest man in history when it comes to the 400-meter hurdles, but Team USA’s sprinter We When it comes to crushing celebrities!

“I fell in love with a celebrity, but then she started dating someone. Kendall Jenner, But she started dating Devin Booker.. So what was I like you knew? It’s okay. I understand what it looks like, “he said with a laugh.

Benjamin enjoys the hobbies he completed during the pandemic when he wasn’t busy practicing.

Brooke Rabatou, Rai Benjamin, Cat Osterman. NBC Olympics (3)

“I learned to play the guitar during the blockade last year and became pretty good at playing’Wonderwall’. I’m very, very enthusiastic and very enthusiastic about actually learning the song. I did, “he explained. “My friends are very good at playing the guitar, so I practiced for about an hour, an hour and a half every day. And in fact, I’m pretty good at it. I’m proud of myself.”

Brooke Labatou,climbing
Only 20 years old, Rabatu is ready to try climbing, a sport added to the Summer Olympics for the first time this year. When a Colorado native isn’t on the rope, you can find her behind her sewing machine.

“I like to sew. I sewed a lot with a sewing machine, beyond quarantine,” she said. We.. “I made pants out of this material I found and transformed jeans and denim jackets. It’s fun to make things and show them off.”

Regarding the celebrity’s unrequited love, Raboutou said: Zac Efron.. [I have] So many women are crushed — Simone Biles And i love Blake lively.. “

Jade Carey, gymnastics
The 21-year-old Olympic rookie, best known for his difficult floor and vault routines, explained why she remained motivated before the big tournament.

“I really love quotes, so there are lots of them everywhere, in the room, on the phone,” Carey explains. “It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I really like it.’I did it because I believed she could.’For me, I took a break at the bar, so when I started playing the bar, it was It helped me a lot, so I thought I would eventually get there if I believed I could do it. “

Caleo McRae, Paralympic sitting volleyball
25-year-old McRae is the mother of his 3-year-old son Duke, who is busy training for the Paralympic Volleyball game in Tokyo, but that’s not enough to keep the gold medalist full. As if there were, McRae was a successful business for her side hustle.

“Leaving Rio, I knew that volleyball wouldn’t last forever for me. I’ve always been an idea of ​​what I love because I became a mom and knew that my time as an athlete wasn’t forever. I wanted to start playing with, “Maclay said. We.. “I baked with my grandma. She used to make cookies. She was the head cookie decorator for all family events. I actually came across cookie decoration on YouTube and actually how to do it. I saw it on a YouTube video. [learned] Using various techniques, I developed a recipe for my favorite cookie and started from there. My husband is crazy about coffee. So we were like “This is the perfect combination: bakery, coffee, and flowers.”So we put it together and it’s called Flowers and flour.. “

Lee Kiefer and Gerek Meinhardt, Fencing
The newlyweds Keefer, 27, and Meinhard, 30, married in September 2019, and Wheelfencing decided that Olympic training wasn’t the only thing they wanted to achieve together. Both Team USA athletes are working in medical school.

“that is [been] It’s very strange during a pandemic. We spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, studying together, eating together, and training together, ”says Kiefer.

“We did a really good job of separating the competitiveness and focus we have, and the spirit we have (both of us want to win) from our marriage,” Meinhard added. It was. “I’ll talk about fencing when I get home, but it’s very helpful.”

Cat Osterman, softball
The· Team milk Member, 38, said We That she doesn’t suffer too much nerves before the big game. The Olympic softball pitcher who retired to participate in the Tokyo Olympics We: “We usually arrive on the field about two hours early and benefit from the fact that the team is practicing batting. That’s the time I don’t have to concentrate too much. So I started the game. Even if you do, you can use that time to calm down or start connecting with your teammates, so you usually use that time as a bucket person to collect and take all the balls home. It’s a little calm, I just have a quick conversation and sometimes I play with the catcher. “

For more information on Team USA, please visit: TeamUSA.org.. Check out NBC for the Tokyo Olympics starting July 23rd.

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Meet the 2021 Summer Olympic Games: Video

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