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Martin Pengery

Republican Liz Cheney She’s in the fight for her political life as she’s trying to keep her seat while leading the prosecution against Donald Trump, the most popular figure in her party.

Last night she participated in a discussion with her opponent.Former Trump critic became Loyalist Harriet Hagueman. This is an article about Martin Pengery’s event.

Liz Cheney, who participated in a poll and faced opposition to Donald Trump and losing a seat in Congress over members of the House Commission on January 6, said Liz Cheney. Republican debate in Wyoming..

“The truth is important,” she said. Said In Sheridan Thursday night, he targeted Harriet Hagueman, a candidate approved by Trump, and challenged her that the 2020 elections weren’t stolen.

Hageman didn’t.

Cheney, Hageman, and three other candidates will challenge the Primary on August 16th.Hageman Lead About 30 points in the opinion poll.

Cheney, a strict conservative, daughter of a former member of the House, Secretary of Defense and Vice President Dick Cheney, Ask Convince Democrats to switch registrations and support her.

At the debate stage, Chainy said:I am frankly surprised that one of the opponents on the stage is a member. Wyoming Bar, which many of us vowed to swear to the Constitution at this stage, somehow justified what happened on January 6, or somehow … people have the right to ignore the ruling. She would be in a position to suggest that she was in court. “

Congress has a very short window to act before the August recess. And in the year of the campaign, these weeks are probably the last best chance for lawmakers to pass meaningful legislation before the November elections.

One of the biggest ticket items on their very long to-do list is a bill aimed at boosting research and domestic manufacturing to make it more competitive with China. Legislation, which has gone through many iterations and names in the months since the bipartisan parliamentary group first introduced the proposal, has seemed to be on track lately. Then on Thursday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, I threw an unexpected wrench at the plan.

McConnell If the Democrats pursue a reconciliation bill, it is becoming a dramatically reduced version of Biden’s climate and social policy agenda, and the Republicans warned that it would thwart China’s competitiveness bill.

Let me be clear, as long as the Democratic Party is pursuing a partisan reconciliation bill, there is no bipartisan USICA.

— Leader McConnell (@LeaderMcConnell) June 30, 2022

This is just the latest example of how Republican leaders can use his power, even from the minority.

Anyone can guess how this works. There is a lot of bipartisan and industry support for the competitiveness bill. It is called the US Innovation Competition Law or USICA for short.

Collecting 50 votes to pass the Democratic reconciliation package is always Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer. You will remember that Biden’s radical agenda collapsed last year in opposition from the Democratic Party. Joe Manchin When Kyrsten Cinema.. However, negotiations have begun anew with the goal of creating a potentially $ 1 trillion compromise package.Democrats are using the majority to pressure the climate bill to pass in the light of Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling Limit the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority Regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

However, many problems remain, especially with regard to tax law revisions.

Manchin wants to abolish the 2017 Trump tax cut, but the House Democratic group, which almost certainly needs a vote to pass the bill in the House, isn’t planning to go back and change the tax law. .. The amount of state and local taxes that homeowners can deduct.

There are many details to resolve and very few calendar days left to do so.

Hugo Lowell

Vice-chairman at the end of this week’s explosive hearing by the House Committee investigating the January 6 attack Liz Cheney A surprising announcement: Members had evidence that Donald Trump’s allies “tried to influence” the Witness’s testimony.

Guardian Hugo Lowell Confirmed that at least one of the witnesses was a former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, Who testified this week Trump instructed deliberately armed supporters to march to the Capitol – And tried to join them.

Former White House Aide Cassidy Hutchinson receives at least one message from a former White House Chief of Staff Associate that implicitly warns her not to cooperate with the House Selection Committee on January 6th. Was Mark MeadowsAccording to two sources familiar with the matter.

Former White House aide delivers explosive public testimony to panel on January 6 Read more

The message in question was the second of two warnings that the Special Committee disclosed at the end of the special hearing about how Hutchinson testified. Donald Trump Sources have instructed a crowd who knew he was armed to march at the Capitol.

“”[A person] Please let me know that you have your testimony record tomorrow. He wants me to know that he is thinking of you. He knows you are loyal, and you will do the right thing when you go for your testimony record. ” According to sources, the editing was Meadows.

A message was presented in the closing remarks At a special hearing with Hutchinson Liz Cheney, Vice-Chairman of the Panel, characterized liability as improper pressure on key witnesses that could lead to tampering and intimidation of illegal witnesses.

The exact identity of the person who sent the message to Hutchinson could not be confirmed on Thursday beyond the fact that they were members of Meadows, but it may be that the Special Commission would like to interview that person. There may be a reason not to. ..

This shows that the person who sent the message was a close companion to the former White House Chief of Staff and actually witnessed what Trump and Meadows were thinking prior to the attack on the Capitol. It seems that.

Neither Meadows spokesman nor Hutchinson responded to requests for comment on Thursday night.

good morning. We bring you all the articles about politics. It’s Friday in Washington DC. This means that most lawmakers have fled the capital for their weekend vacations, and the list of urgent and unfinished businesses continues to grow.

Joe Biden Today, we will meet with six Democratic governors to discuss protecting access to abortion following the Supreme Court’s decision to overthrow. Roe v. Wade.. At a press conference in Madrid on Thursday, Biden said he would announce additional actions the White House would take to ensure reproductive care.

He is under pressure from many Democrats and progressives, and warns that they see the administration’s delayed and overly cautious response to this moment of crisis. So far, the White House has opposed the call to use federal land for abortion services, and other proposals it worries about pose unintended legal risks to patients and healthcare providers. May bring.

Several states that stopped abortion in the chaotic aftermath shortly after the High Court’s ruling resumed offering procedures while lower courts were considering challenging new restrictions.

Please check this out for details.

Meet the Democratic Governor on Protecting Abortion Rights-Live | US Politics

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