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In addition to her successful career as an actress, Ellen Pompeo is a proud mother of three children. Learn more about her adorable chicks.

Ellen Pompeo, 51, is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses and best known for her role in the hit medical drama. Grey’s Anatomy.. ABC star is also a mother 3 children Who she shares with her husband Chris Eyeberry, 54, record producer, sometimes writer. Ellen met Chris in 2003. Grey’s Anatomy.. The couple quietly dating for three years before finally tying a knot in 2007.In the process of their marriage, they welcomed their daughters Stella Luna When Siena Mei And son Eli Christopher..

Ellen, a busy actress, Elende Geneless Show In 2017, she wouldn’t have been “nowhere” without the help of a baby nurse, given the “long days” on the set. The three mothers are still devoted to her skills, but she is also devoted to her family, cheerful and sweet, describing herself as a “professional assistant to Stellaruna, Sienamei and Elia Iberry”. I am. Twitter Biography..

For more information on Ellen and Chris’ children, see the oldest to youngest below.

Stellar Napon Peo Eyeberry

Ellen Pompeo will attend the premiere of “A Wrinklein Time” with her daughter Stella. (Jim Smeal / Shutter Stock)

Stella, the oldest child of Ellen and Chris, was born in 2009. Ellen first hid her pregnancy under a scrub while playing Meredith Gray, and finally took a break after Stella’s birth (her character donates kidneys during the season 6). Ellen took a maternity leave with her new baby Stella, but the young eventually began to visit the set and even developed a love for medical professionals. Can she follow in the footsteps of her mother, or Meredith Gray?

“Yesterday I went to find her [and] She was drilling a fake thigh with a bone drill with Linda with a real bone drill. She was supervised, but they have her perform advanced steps! Ellen said Ellen DeGeneres 2020, Man.. She is proud of her eldest daughter’s career orientation, but jokingly said it was time to make a decision about her future. “She has to decide whether she wants to be an orthopedic surgeon or a doctor in the emergency room,” she says. “She needs to nail it. That is, seriously, she confuses me.”

Siena Mapon Peo Eyeberry

Ellen Pompeo & Siena
Ellen Pompeo takes a walk with her daughter Siena. (Broadimage / Shutterstock)

Siena, the second daughter of Ellen and Chris, was born “through an agent” in 2014. Past tweets.. Ellen also tweeted that she wanted to enjoy the first few weeks “privately” with Siena, but now seven, she loves to appear on the movie star’s mom’s Instagram account. “Someone will help,” Ellen joked in a recent photo with Siena, who was dressed in flashy clothes for Hollywood. “I created a monster … it’s so cute, but still.”

Siena’s sister Stella initially welcomed her brother, but as her mother Ellen said in 2020, things started to get a little hot between the two. Ellen exterior.. “Three months later she became:” Is she leaving? “No, no, she’s going to live here,” I thought. And she seemed like “Oh, okay.” “

Eli Christopher Pompeo Ivery

Ellen and Chris loved their beloved girl, but they had no choice but to take their third child to the mix. Welcome Eri, boy, Arrived in 2016..This summer, Ellen shared a lovely video of four-year-old Eli singing until her later years. Biz MarqueeHit song “Just a Friend” to commemorate the rapper, The person who died in July..

“I make a lot of mistakes. You just learn,” Ellen said. Instyle Looking back on motherhood in 2018. “The kids are so open and honest, you can get a lot off to yourself as a parent, like” Oh, I’m not there enough “. It’s easier to beat yourself and feel guilty. However, it is not possible to adopt the attitude of certain victims. You need to adopt an optimistic attitude. “How can I fix it?” Attitude with the children. “

She continued. “I should have done this, I should have done it” If someone’s life is in your hands, you don’t have time to do it. “

Meet the “Gray Anatomy” Star Children – Hollywood Life

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