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Wichita, Kansas 2021-07-27 20:03:01 –

Wichita, Kang (KSNW) – Ever wondered who is responsible for the restoration and maintenance of Wichita’s more than 1,500 streets?

Dozens of people are involved in this process, but one man oversees most of the work.

“Some people have statues in the park. There are many roads that say I did a good job,” laughed Joe Francois, project manager for the city of Wichita.

Francoeur, a KU graduate, began his career as a seasonal worker in 1980, cutting the lawn owned by the city and promoting it to the rank of Wichita.

“I started working full-time in the engineering and materials lab in 1985, where I went into maintenance and became a pavement manager,” Francois said.

Francois learned how pavement works during his decades of career. Wearing an inspector and engineering hat, he has tips on how to maintain, repave, and repair the streets that thousands of people depend on every day.

“Urban infrastructure is very important. If it’s not right, no one will go anywhere,” Francois explained. “This city is mine. I have almost fixed all the streets here at least once.”

Francois said much was spent repairing each street, from the assessment to the bidding process and ultimately to the work. He said 2021 was a big year for Wichita.

“We are implementing a major arterial overlay program and citizens will notice that many, many, many roads are overlaid. We are currently preparing for them, but at least 28 I think there is a major road segment in. An artery 0.5 to 1 mile in length. It’s really huge, so Wichita will see a big improvement, “he said.

Regarding the timeline for each project, Francoeur said it relies on two important things.

“The size of the company you work for and the amount of repairs you need will determine how long it will take,” he said.

Regardless of the length of time, he said he and his crew were proud of the work they had accomplished in Wichita. He wants to keep rolling smoothly.

Meet the man paving the way to smoother Wichita streets Source link Meet the man paving the way to smoother Wichita streets

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