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Denver — The 2022 primary is less than a week. Republicans want the red wave to regain Congress. US Senator Michael Bennett’s seat could be vulnerable in November, depending on how strong the red wave really is.

It would be the first time the Republicans could beat Bennett since Ben Nighthorse Campbell left his seat in 2004.

But first, Republican candidates who want to challenge Bennett need to overcome each other. The ballot has two Republicans, businessman Joe O’Dea and state legislator Ron Hanks.

O’Dea interviewed Denver 7 and talked about his candidacy. I don’t do Hanks.

Who is Joe Odia?

O’Dea has owned his own construction company for 34 years. He gave up his adoption at birth and was raised by a Denver police officer.

He attended Colorado State University, but dropped out to start a constriction business in the basement. He currently employs more than 300 people.

Complete Interview with Republican U.S. Senator Joe O’Dea

O’Dea has never been elected to public office, but promised to bring his business background and the ability to work with people he disagrees with in finding compromises.

“I’m not a career politician. The people of Colorado are ready to do something different,” Odia said. People are looking for someone with business experience. “

Last year, O’Dea settled a proceeding with an employee who claimed age and discrimination against persons with disabilities. However, he refutes the employee’s claim and says he treats the employee with the utmost respect.

“All these claims are clearly wrong. She left a complaint, it’s her privilege. She didn’t have to work for my company. She abandoned her will,” Odia said. Said.

Who is Ron Hanks?

Ron Hanks State Parliamentarian is a 32 year Air Force veteran and state legislator. He was elected in 2020 to represent the 60th District of the House of Representatives, which covers the counties of Chafy, Custer, Freemont, and Park. He is a member of the Energy and Environment, Budget, Public and Behavioral Health and Welfare Committees.

Hanks submitted a total of six bills during his tenure. One is the constitutional carrying of fist guns to lift the ban on large magazines, a subsidy program for water storage tanks, income tax deductions for non-public education, a bill requiring ballot-specific paper, and all. A bill that requires direct voting and requires manual counting of votes within 24 hours of the election. None of those bills were passed.

He sponsored eight bills written by Republicans at the State Capitol. None of them passed.

Hanks co-sponsored and passed a bipartisan bill last year to expand the Mental Health Grant Program for Peace Officers. The bill he co-sponsored to put “In God We Trust” on a special license plate failed.

During his first two legislative sessions, Hanks shook up saying that the three-fifths compromise had no impact on humanity.

Hanks has also been criticized for missing a large number of votes during this year’s legislative session. According to the Colorado State Capitol, he missed 57 out of 104 votes, 31 out of 297 votes, and 91 out of 523 final floor pass votes at the Colorado State Capitol.

About election safety

Hanks is probably best known for questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 elections. He has repeatedly questioned that electronic voting systems are not safe because they are manufactured in other countries.

“These systems are corrupted. We need to get rid of them, and it doesn’t really matter what the cost is. Our vote is the most important and most important we have. It’s worth it. Cost, security, and our sovereignty are important here, “Hanks told Denver 7 in an April interview.

In that same April interview, Hanks called John Eastman the best and best lawyer. Eastman is a lawyer accused of trying to help former President Donald Trump overthrow the elections.

Hanks attended a rally on January 6 in support of Trump in Washington, DC, but said he did not enter the Capitol building.

He has assisted Mesa County Secretary Tina Peters, who was charged with tampering with the election and spoke at the April election truth rally.

Meanwhile, Odia said he would accept the 2020 election results.

“Biden is our president. That day I said I participated in this race. He’s a poor president,” Odia said.

O’Dea states that it will support voting by mail and will use it to return ballots. But he believes there are ways to improve election security.

“There’s a lot you can do in Colorado to make your voting system more secure. Ballot harvesting needs to be illegal. You need to do a better job with your ID. Better with signature verification. work.”

About abortion

The two candidates also take very different positions regarding abortion. Hanks believes that life begins at the moment of conception without exception.

“Life begins with conception, and the government needs to protect it from that moment,” Hanks said at the Western Conservative Summit. “It’s a murder, it’s that we have to decide where we are in that position. I’m doing it well.”

Hanks helped lead a 24-hour filibuster on the floor of the Colorado House to prevent the enactment of the Reproductive Health Fairness Act, which enacted abortion protection in state law.

O’Dea, on the other hand, opposes taxpayer funding for abortion and abortion services and supports notification to parents. But he is not against all abortions.

“I don’t believe in an abortion. I believe the decision is between a woman and her doctor and her god. Also, you can’t oblige things and oblige nothing. I believe we can’t, so just because we don’t mandate abortion doesn’t mean that abortion is gone. It’s what they do in the dark alleys. It means being aborted, “said O’Dea.

He also opposes the RHEA law and describes it as reckless.

About climate change

Climate change is another topic where the two candidates are very different.

Hanks publishes the following videos on the campaign’s website: “Pretending to be climate change is a real problem because we don’t want to sit here. It’s called weather, and they’ve used it as a level to manage policy and conversation, and We have to retreat. “

He said he was using climate change to curb power plants and hurt US manufacturing, accusing China of trying to castrate the US.

In the course of the campaign, Odia states that humans are involved in climate change. However, in an interview with Denver7, he said: How much of it is artificially caused? How natural is it? I think it’s still controversial. “

O’Dea states that the transition to renewable energy needs to be phased.

About guns

Hanks has voiced his support for gun rights on campaign trails. On his campaign website, Hanks says he is a member of an active gun club, a hidden carry-permit holder, and an NRA-certified 1-mile long-range shooter.

Two of the six bills Hanks submitted in the legislature dealt with guns. Both failed.

“I do not violate the rights of our Constitutional Amendment Article 2 by increasing the crime rate as it is. On other issues, the police have been deprived of authority. We have the Constitutional Amendment No. 2. We must maintain the rights of Article 2, “Hanks said at the Western Conservation Summit.

He also called for more money to invest in securing schools in Colorado.

O’Dea also uses the Progan approach. The Colorado Shooting Association has approved him. He says that if someone is threatening online, they need to be held accountable.

“It’s nice to see them talking about mental health. I don’t think you can legislate against evil,” he said.

He advocates the placement of more police officers in communities and schools. He also advocates allowing teachers to hide Carrie.

O’Dea told Denver 7 that he didn’t believe the Locomotive Acts made a difference and wouldn’t support a law that was too close to the so-called boyfriend’s loophole. Instead, he says threatening people should be trapped.

About Ukraine / Russia War

Another area where the two candidates have different views is the war in Ukraine. Both believe that President Joe Biden has not responded correctly to the crisis and has blamed his failed withdrawal from Afghanistan for showing Russia’s weaknesses, but they are moving forward differently. ing.

Mr Odia said the United States should have moved some of its assets from Afghanistan to Ukraine as a deterrent, and said the president was asleep while driving.

“We need to give Ukrainians everything they need so that they can protect themselves and protect their freedom. If they don’t stop. [Putin] So where does he stop? “Odia said.

Hanks shares sharp criticisms about Ukraine’s treatment, but in recent discussions, the United States sells weapons to Ukraine because the United States will have a relationship with Russia in the future and need to have our weapons. Killing Russian citizens who have stated that they should not do anything or provide financial assistance does not signal a relationship. But he argued that there were other ways to bring weapons into the country.

About border security

Both candidates have stated that they want to prioritize border security and prevent traffickers and undocumented immigrants from illegally invading the United States.

With regard to immigrants, Odia says he supports the path to citizenship for those who have been illegally brought into the country as Dreamers or children.

“They aren’t their own fault here. I think we should find a way to citizenship for them. Who brings them all home? And that doesn’t make any sense That won’t happen, and their home is here, “Odia said.

For the rest of the undocumented immigrants who currently live in the country, he says, they need to line up and go through the immigration process. He disagrees with total immunity.

Ultimately, it’s up to voters to decide which of these two candidates will take on Bennett in the general election.

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