Memories are made as planes land on Thanksgiving at TPA – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-11-25 16:18:46 –

Tampa, Florida — Each landing plane has hundreds of stories. Each of them is individualized and differs from the following:

“We haven’t returned to Florida for years. This is where our mom’s parents live. Our grandparents died many years ago, but now they’re back, It’s a tradition again, “said Anna Sirianni, who stands next to Suz Sirianni.

They packed small tokens of love and gratitude.

Anna took out a little turkey stuffed animal and said, “I think I should show you a little turkey for my mom to celebrate this season.”

More families are expecting and waiting, and there are many hugs.

Kathy Ciders greeted her sister and brother-in-law. Their Thanksgiving is of great significance to her. Especially this year.

“My wife is in the hospital. She is in Mofit. So it’s a blessing for them to come. I can’t wait to celebrate for a few days.”


And while this Thanksgiving Day visit isn’t surprising, Sarah Baldwin talks about how her daughter and husband worked together to make a pretty spectacular birthday surprise in October. ..

“When he got home, I said,’Do I need to close my eyes?’ And he said, “Yes, I think that’s probably a good idea.” Then, when I opened my eyes, I had a daughter who hadn’t seen her for two years, “she said.

Twenty minutes later, after waiting in front of Gate C, my daughter Morgan Avery gets off the tram. Sarah laughs as she walks towards her — she literally gives back in the most random way.

“What?” Morgan asked. “Why am I on TV?”

Sara shouts “Surprise!”

Sarah turned out to be clear, but the story of her family is something that all of us can be involved in, especially with COVID-19 putting a damper on the travel plan for some time.

“I haven’t seen her since July 4, 2019, so I kept trying to get out and I kept feeling sick that it was wrong, so I was finally able to make it. Was really special, “Avery said.

She brought her fiancé when they fled the snow because of the sunlight.



“”I was looking at the plane, and I seemed it looked warm there! Avery said.

Thanksgiving in the late 70’s — someone who could ask for something better.

Happy Thanksgiving, 2021.

For tips from TSA on holiday safe travel on weekends, click here..

Memories are made as planes land on Thanksgiving at TPA Source link Memories are made as planes land on Thanksgiving at TPA

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