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Memphis, Tennessee — Men face several accusations after police said they stole a car from a man during an accident and later tried to escape from a police officer.

Police responded to a call for a car accident on May 4 at West I-240 and Mill Branch Road. The victim told police that he was driving after seeing a car crash and rolling onto a roadside embankment.

The man said that when he stopped for help, the driver of the crashed vehicle rushed to the victim’s truck and drove away.

Officers found the victim’s truck two days later at the Exxon gas station near South Third Street and Horn Lake Road. Memphis police said the suspect, later identified as Mario Oliver, began running as soon as he met the police. Police officers also said he was carrying a one-year-old infant while Oliver was fleeing police.

The MPD said he dropped the baby while Oliver fled and refused to hear the officer’s orders.

Oliver later fell to the ground while running. According to police, Oliver refused to put his hand behind his back to be handcuffed and continued trying to escape from the police.

Officers were later able to arrest Oliver. Toddlers were also checked on-site and no injuries were found.

Oliver, 34, was charged with avoiding arrest and resisting public detention, property theft, child abuse and neglect.

He will appear in court on May 9th.

Memphis man runs from police while carrying toddler Source link Memphis man runs from police while carrying toddler

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