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Memphis, Tennessee (WREG) —According to the family, Memphis police officer Alex Schindler died on Monday after a long battle with COVID-19.

The Memphis Police Association posted on social media, highlighting Schindler’s 12 years of service, “Remember Alex, his family, and his colleagues in thoughts and prayers when mourning his death. Please. “

According to the police union, Schindler, 35, with his wife and two children, has been one of at least four South Central police officers who have died from COVID since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Mississippi MPs Scott and Rankin County Tom Miles are currently working on a bill to compensate family members of officers who died in COVID, other first responders, and front-line healthcare professionals. Under the law, those families receive $ 100,000.

“When they are there to keep us healthy and safe, they bring us to life every day,” said Miles. “What’s a better way to invest in these families who have lost their loved ones who no longer have that income? You can’t get your loved ones back, but it might help a bit along the way.”

According to Miles, Mississippi families are now compensated if a police officer dies on duty, but they also want to apply COVID. He claims that former President Trump made the change at the federal level.

“If you’re doing it for the Commonwealth, we should do it for the state,” said Miles.

Miles proposes that the initiative be funded by another round of federal dollars already heading to Mississippi for COVID bailouts.

“We need to do this, especially when this money comes in, as these families take care of,” said Miles.

The question is how fast it will be done. Congressmen may be called back for a special session in the coming days. If that doesn’t happen, they’ll have to wait for a regular session in January.

It is unclear whether Tennessee and Arkansas are considering similar measures.

Memphis police officer passes away after battling COVID-19 Source link Memphis police officer passes away after battling COVID-19

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