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Muskogee, Oklahoma — Veterans need more help than ever before. According to the Injured Warrior Project, the pandemic worsened the mental health of veterans. The project reports that one-third of veterans considered suicide and admitted that they would suffer from depression and anxiety in 2020.

“It would be beneficial to be able to talk about the need for mental health, or some of what we are experiencing,” said Amanda Pickens of the Oklahoma Veteran Alliance. It’s a place where there is room for them and they can get the care they deserve. “

For many veterinarians in Green Country, the place of comfort and understanding lies on a hill overlooking the mascogie. The Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center has been treating veterans for almost a century.

“There is still great demand to meet the needs of veterans in eastern Oklahoma,” said Mark Morgan, director of VA Healthcare Systems in eastern Oklahoma.

The healthcare system recently transferred its medical and surgical treatment to Ernest Childers VA Hospital in Tulsa. This hospital opened in July.

“By setting up a medical surgery hospital in Tulsa, we can convert it to the Jack C. Montgomery Medical Center and expand and actually provide geriatric hospitalization services to veterans,” said Morgan.

East Oklahoma VA plans to inject $ 30 million into the Montgomery Medical Center to enhance treatment for psychological and substance abuse. According to Morgan, the bed is full of veterans and has been in a pandemic for over a year.

“Now I feel like I can say personally and many other veterans I know, they really feel the fatigue of COVID,” said Pickens.

Pickens explained that many veterans are accustomed to being around large numbers of people after years of training and service with fellow soldiers. She said many veterans were affected by the spiritual battle that welcomed them when COVID forced them to quarantine.

“I think it really helps veterans to be with other veterans who may be facing the same struggle, and I think we get power from each other,” Pickens said.

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Mental health improvements planned for Muskogee VA medical center Source link Mental health improvements planned for Muskogee VA medical center

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