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Mental health workshops available to LBCC students during October – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-10-13 17:25:23 –

At the Stress Management Workshop, facilitator Briana Reyes will discuss the link between stress and performance on September 30, 2021. (screenshot)

“Why are we on the plateau? Why can’t we achieve anything?” One of six workshops held in October this year to raise awareness about the importance of mental health. Then, part-time counselor Daisy Cook said.

The first workshop was held Wednesday via Zoom and more than 12 students appeared to find ways to deal with mental health problems.

Brianna Reyes, a licensed marriage and family therapist, promoted the workshop on Monday.

Reyes taught students multiple ways to identify signs of burnout, such as headaches, muscle tension, and sleep disorders. Other symptoms include feeling overwhelmed and cynical, feeling frustrated and unfulfilled, or feeling exhausted after work.

“It’s important to identify the cause of the problem … that’s the only way to find a solution,” Reyes said.

To overcome these problems, Reyes emphasized the importance of writing them down. “Often those thoughts stay in our minds and proceed the wrong way.”

If writing down things is not the preferred option for students, there are other leisure activities that can be tried to reduce stress.

“You can have a fun cup of coffee or tea, learn an instrument, garden, or be with someone you love,” Reyes said.

The second workshop, held through Zoom on Friday, was presented by Cook, who focused on how to strengthen mental health by setting goals.

“Goal setting is a simple and practical tool that you can use to maintain a high level of performance motivation,” Cook said.

Cook then used a technique called SMARTER to extend the way to get the most out of goal setting. It is concrete, measurable, acceptable, realistic, time-limited, exciting and recorded.

“Think of it as practicing basketball skills. My goal, not my parents’ goal, is to improve my free throw shooting skills by 70-80% by November 1, 2021.”

And again, Cook mentioned the importance of writing things down.

“When you write down a goal, you’re more likely to stay focused on pursuing it rather than just thinking about it,” Cook said.

The first two workshops proved to be very successful. Students such as LBCC students and workshop participants Ashley Prez said the workshop was very helpful.

“It’s like a therapy session talking to someone in counseling psychology,” Prez said. “I like this event. You can say they care, and it’s very personal.”

Survey conducted by Student Senate at California Community College (SSCCC) said that of the 1,690 students in 64 community colleges who responded to the survey, 1,140 face higher levels of anxiety, stress, depression, or other mental distress. rice field.

According to the SSCCC, many students with mental health problems also face loss of income, insolvency of rent, and other financial difficulties.

LBCC, home to approximately 35,000 students, holds a mental health workshop every October to address mental health issues and promote stress management.

More workshop information can be found at School calendar this Flyer.. They are all hosted online via Zoom and accessible to all LBCC students.

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