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Fresno, California 2021-08-02 21:57:13 –

Merced, CA (KFSN)-The entire Merced County school district is ready to return to direct instruction, taking steps to keep students and staff safe.

On Monday, the Merced County Department of Education launched a “ready to go back to school” campaign on various platforms, promoting the message “students thrive when in the classroom.”

Parents, teachers and students throughout Merced County have high expectations for face-to-face learning and are preparing for the start of the school year soon.

Josh Pedrozo is known to many as a county overseer, but he is also a father who has worked as a teacher for over 12 years.

“I’m really excited and they’re very excited to get back to work and meet their friends,” he said.

Pedrozo believes that students, including themselves, need direct teacher support in the classroom.

“My son, he needs a teacher who can actually help him with his work, not learn online. He had a hard time doing it, so I personally lost learning of it. I witnessed it, “said Pedrozo.

At a press conference on Monday, Merced County Education Department leaders tackled just that, the loss of learning.

MCOE has launched a Ready to Return campaign with video and radio commercials, as well as signs featured on social media in the county.

Steve Tietjen, Ed.D, principal of Merced County, states that students experienced a loss of progress of two to three months compared to a year in a regular classroom.

“Emotional collateral damage was a challenge for California students,” said Tietjen.

To do that safely, the Merced County school district requires students to wear masks indoors. In addition, some sites will be hosting vaccine clinics over the next two weeks.

Unvaccinated teachers and other staff should wear masks all day long.

In addition, the school has been working to improve ventilation by upgrading the H-VAC system to new and more powerful filters or by completely replacing the unit.

“There may be tough days in front of us. One of the safest places for students to return is school,” said Rebecca Nanyonjo, director of public health in Merced County.

The focus of the health sector is to increase vaccination coverage.

Currently, only 39 percent of Merced County residents are fully vaccinated.

50% of children between the ages of 12 and 18 are vaccinated with COVID-19 in the county.

The county’s kindergarten-to-high school district serves approximately 60,000 students, many of whom will return to the classroom on Wednesday, August 11.

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Merced County Office of Education launches Ready to Return campaign Source link Merced County Office of Education launches Ready to Return campaign

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