Mercedes-Benz S-Class leads this month’s discount list

favorite last month, The biggest discount found by car buyers New car All apply expensively Luxury sedan.. Unlike last month when there were two, there is no one Rolls Royce It’s somewhere in the top five. Sorry, one par center. But just because it doesn’t represent the pinnacle of European luxury cars doesn’t mean that nice luxury sedans don’t have big discounts.In fact, this month’s list is 2020 Mercedes Benz S ClassA technical wonder that pampers its drivers and passengers with all the bells and whistles that the German brand must offer.

The· Mercedes Benz S Class Available in many shapes and sizes with several powertrain options. In other words, there is a lot of price variability across the model range, but on average it is 2020. S class Buyers are seeing $ 11,803 drop from the $ 109,447 sticker price on the car to an average transaction price of $ 97,644. This saves about 11%.It is worth noting that there is 2021 new S classHowever, the 2020 version is still a nice machine.

next Porsche Taycan, I sat in 2nd place as I did last month. The average price of a buyer’s sticker is $ 125,736, but you’re paying $ 113,938. This saves $ 11,798 from the price of window stickers.I don’t know how many people like last month Taycan Buyers will be able to charge taxes rebate For Taycan status Electric car, But it could potentially represent a further cut off of the car sticker.

The top three in July will be closed Maserati Ghibli..With an average discount of $ 10,161, which is a whopping 14.3% of the car sticker price, this Italian luxury sedan is actually Ranking by percentage leads the list of vehicle discounts..And you Maserati I’m a fan Ghibli Not your espresso, Levante More than crossover Quattroporte The sedan also gets a huge discount.

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class leads this month’s discount list

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