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After reuniting with an old friend on the beach, Meredith left it all behind and finally woke up during the April 8 episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Teddy is still on vacation, but is still checking in to Meredith. Richard tells her to hang up and Spending time with her children.. Richard handled it.

Link and Amelia are amazed at their lives. Link’s parents appear in the camper. Link was initially worried about COVID, but his parents emphasized that there was a two-week quarantine on their way to his place. They want to take their children to the mountains. Give Rainier, Link and Amelia a little break.

Chris Carmack and Caterina Scorsone talk about “Grey’s Anatomy”. (ABC)

They don’t know what to do with their time.Link thinks they can anything, Sex too! Suddenly, Amelia overcomes her emotions and cries. She just didn’t have the opportunity to shout it while taking care of the situation with the children and Meredith.

They have a chance, but Amelia and Link talk a lot. They discuss marriage, and Amelia is cruelly honest about the fact that she is thinking of getting higher these days. After a short nap (to deal with stress), Link faces the conversation head-on. He listens while Amelia talks about her feelings. She admits she doesn’t want to take pills. She just wants to buy weeds and smoke them.

No matter what, Link wants to marry Amelia. He tries to propose again, and she stops him before he goes too far. She doesn’t want him to pop the question while she confesses her darkest secret.

Link tells Amelia that he’s not Owen, and he needs to keep her from getting high. Amelia agrees that if the link does not propose in a semi-coercive way, Amelia will not rise. They make a contract. Link still wants to marry Amelia, but he waits for the perfect moment.

Meredith wakes up after her time On the beach, And Richard is by her side. “I’m sorry,” says Meredith. She apologizes to Richard for having to make the call to get her on the ventilator. He will do it again if necessary, but he hopes not. “I’m glad I chose you,” Meredith tells him. She was in a coma, but Meredith was able to hear some of the words she said. “We need to talk about Wilson,” she tells Richard about Joe.

Camilla Luddington
Camilla Luddington as Joe Wilson in “Grey’s Anatomy”. (ABC)

Richard follows Meredith’s lead and goes to Joe on a change of expertise. Amelia and Link agree to check in every few weeks to make sure everything is okay.

Owen appears at Teddy’s house. He now knows she tried to tell him the truth about Alison, but he was “terrible” to her. He apologizes for how he treated her. No matter what, Teddy was always there for him. He wants to be her friend. He doesn’t know what to give her now, but he wants to hear about Alison.

Richard watches over Meredith while he sleeps. Maggie and Bailey join him. Richard states that Meredith may have gone through hell, but she’s listening, even if you don’t think so. She is an extraordinarily unstoppable Meredith Gray.

Meredith Awakens — Season 17 Episode 11 Summary – Hollywood Life

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