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Merrick Garland ties Oklahoma City bombing to Capitol riot – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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AGeneral Merrick Garland compared the 1995 bombing of Oklahoma City with the January 6 riots of the Capitol when he unveiled the Justice Department’s response to the Biden administration’s new anti-domestic terrorist strategy.

Domestic terrorist truck bombing of Alfred P. Muller Federal Building in Oklahoma City Carried out Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols injured hundreds and killed at least 168 people, including 19 children and babies in the building’s day care center. DC medical inspector Decision The next day in response to the January 6 riots, Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick’s “cause of death” was a stroke, and his “method of death” was “natural.”The other two in the crowd Died Ashli ​​Babbitt, a Trump supporter and Air Force veteran, was shot and killed by an unnamed police officer as he tried to climb the House Speaker’s lobby through a broken window.

“In the Ministry of Justice, the Deputy Attorney General and I have already begun to take various steps. Above all, we have begun to activate the National Terrorism Executive Committee, and we will be in the coming days and months. I will convene that inter-ministerial agency. ” Said on Tuesday. “Attorney General Janet Reno initially set up an executive committee in the aftermath of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The investigation into the bombing, which required huge financial commitments from federal and state-wide agencies, , Showed the importance of such an adjustment mechanism. “

Garland goes on to say: “Our current efforts are taking place shortly after another large-scale and vicious attack. This time it is the attack on the capital on January 6. We are now moving forward and perpetrating as a nation. We have the big challenge of punishing people, doing everything possible to prevent similar attacks, and doing so in a way that our judiciary system appreciates. Democracy is dependent. The Judiciary’s determination and dedication to investigate the January 6 attack shows that we take this attack seriously against the mainstay of the democracy system, the change of government. It reflects. “

FBI Director Ray says the Capitol riots are incomparable to the “fear” of 9/11

The Attorney General’s remarks Unveiling ceremony Biden administration New arrival The “National Strategy for Counter-Terrorism” consists of four “pillars”: “understanding and sharing information on the entire range of threats posed by domestic terrorism” and “preventing domestic terrorists from successfully adopting and inciting”. States to have. It is necessary to mobilize people for violence, make efforts to “stop and confuse domestic terrorist activities” before they lead to violence, and “to tackle long-term problems that contribute to domestic terrorism in Japan” to ensure that this threat is mitigated. The claim that there is “comes for generations. “

Made by Garland Similar comparison Between the Oklahoma City bombing and the Parliament riots at the Senate confirmation hearing in February.

Parliamentary police announced that Sicknick, 42, died on January 7, the day after the riots broke into the Capitol, as parliamentarians counted electoral votes to confirm the president. Joe BidenVictory over the former president Donald Trump..

The Chief Inspector’s Office, led by Francisco Diaz, told Washington inspectors in April that Sicknick’s “cause of death” was “acute brainstem and cerebral infarction due to acute basal artery thrombosis” (stroke). It was “natural”. According to the Inspector General, Sicknick was sprayed with chemicals around 2:20 pm on January 6, collapsed at the Capitol at around 10 pm, and was taken to a local hospital by paramedics at 9:30 pm. He died around the minute. January 7th.Diaz Said The Washington Post said Sicknick died of two strokes, had no allergic reaction to chemical irritants, and had no evidence of trauma or trauma, but he said, “everything that happened was his. It affected the condition. “

However, the Inspector General said the term “nature” was “used when illness alone causes death” and “if an injury hastened death, the method of death is not considered natural.” ..Julian Carter and George Tanios Charged In March, he adjusted to assault Sicknick and two other police officers with chemical sprays, but the man was not accused of killing Sicknick and was not charged in connection with his death.

“In the 160 days since the attack, Garland arrested more than 480 people, attacked law enforcement officers, disrupted the judiciary, and used deadly and dangerous weapons for that purpose, Garland said on Tuesday. Hundreds of people have been charged. “

“About 140 law enforcement officers reported being injured during the attack,” a bipartisan Senate report this month.

DOJ Research He has often pointed out the violence that mobs have committed against officers and has focused on the actions taken by members of groups such as Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. DOJ Announcement In April, he did not pursue prosecution against a police officer who shot Babbit deadly in the Capitol during the riot, and determined that there was “insufficient evidence” to support the criminal charge.

“We are focusing on violence, not ideology. In the United States, it is not illegal to support a hateful ideology. We do not investigate individuals for activities protected by the First Amendment.” Said Garland on Tuesday.

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White House Fact sheet “We have accepted the protection of civil rights and civil liberties as a national security obligation,” he said in summarizing the new anti-domestic terrorism strategy announced on Tuesday. “The strategy announced today addresses violence. Factors that lead to violence, threaten public security, and violate freedom of speech. “

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