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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — As summer approaches, triple-digit heat increases. Most Tucson people want to stay inside, but construction workers have to keep working in the sun.

Christopher Bagby, director of the Mercum Contract, said:

Mercum’s contract works on county roads. During the summer-they start early in the day to overcome the heat. In other words, the road closure will start early. Specifically, it is from 5 am to 3 pm.

Alexander Mont, Construction Manager of the Mercum Contract, said:

But their preparation starts before 5am

“Rehydrate today for tomorrow. Avoid alcohol and avoid caffeine.”

According to the National Weather Service, excessive heat causes more weather-related deaths in the United States than floods, hurricanes, or tornadoes. As such, Mercum’s contract begins daily with a 30-minute discussion of safety protocols in the heat.

“Drink water, take breaks when needed, shade and avoid direct sunlight,” Bagby said.

Markham offers drinks, helmet brims and cold towels to keep employees cool. The manager also tells workers to wear light-colored clothing and, ironically, long-sleeved shirts.

“First, keep the sun, the sun burns your skin. Second, you sweat and actually keep it cool.”

The last important safety protocol is to recognize and avoid heat stroke. Most people experience heat stress, but when symptoms shift to illness or stroke, it is when you need to take a break or get some help.

“We haven’t reached that point because we do a good job of acting very aggressively,” Bagby said.

Anyone can use these protocols to prepare for a hot day.


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