Metro Council passes $2.6 billion budget – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-06-15 22:10:54 –

Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) — Members of the Metro Nashville City Council voted to pass a $ 2.6 billion budget on Tuesday night.

The final pass was an alternative budget by councilor Kyonste Tooms. This includes many and several additions to Mayor Cooper’s initial budget.

This includes an increase of approximately $ 81 million in funding for Metro Nashville Public Schools, which will be used to raise teachers’ salaries. The budget will also add more than 100 police officers to the Metro Nashville Police Station and millions for transportation, affordable housing and neighborhood financing.

The· North Nashville Violence Jamming Program And that Mental Health Cooperative Crisis Treatment Center Each receives additional funding. Millions have been added for fire and emergency services, parks, school psychiatrists, and dispatchers.

Local organizations said this was what they were standing behind.

“Our affordable housing task force is pleased to be returned to the Burns Fund with a budget of $ 15 million, but even the mayor’s advisory board needs more. I realized there was, and I hope this budget will be adopted. “

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Metro Council passes $2.6 billion budget Source link Metro Council passes $2.6 billion budget

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