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Nashville, Tennessee (WSMV)-The decision to reinstate public indoor mask obligations in Davidson County is now in the hands of the Metro Nashville Public Health Service. On Tuesday night, the Metro Council passed a resolution encouraging the health sector to regain mission.

This means that you don’t currently need a mask indoors. Metro Public Health Service officials have the final say on whether to enact a mask mandate.

Brent Matessen’s 2nd Ave. Inside the ice cream and cookie shop, all employees behind the counter are vaccinated. There are no masks for them or their customers, but it can vary with the possibilities of new missions.

“So if that’s the route we need to go while we’re climbing a little, that’s what we have to do,” Matessen said.

Metro councilor Joy Styles submitted a resolution at a meeting on Tuesday night to reinstate the obligation to use indoor masks. The resolution was passed, but the final decision is now left to the Metro Health Department.

Nashville, Tennessee (WSMV)-COVID-19 is heading in the wrong direction as health continues to deteriorate in Tennessee …

Styles has also submitted an ordinance empowering the Metro Council to carry out mandates. It still has two measurements and could take another month unless the Metro Public Health Service takes a stance now.

“I hope they have a good conversation today,” Styles says Wednesday. At the Metro COVID-19 Task Force meeting last week, Dr. Alex Jahangil said another Maskman date may not give results.

“We believe it may not be as effective as it was a year ago from a public policy perspective,” Dr. Jahangir said Thursday. “Once again, companies that choose to do so are encouraged to do so, but at this point I think it’s problematic to come from a city-wide mission.”

“For Dr. Jahangil, I think there is an executive factor in who enforces it,” says Styles. “And the answer is the same people as last year.”

The Metro Public Health Service says they are in talks and have not decided if Maskman Date will come back. Currently, they encourage people to follow CDC guidelines and wear masks indoors. I’m with you on the go! Get the latest news updates and videos, 4WARN weather forecasts, weather radar, special research reports, sports headlines and more from News4 Nashville.

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Metro Council passes resolution to reinstate masks indoors – what this means | News Source link Metro Council passes resolution to reinstate masks indoors – what this means | News

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