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Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) – Thursday, Dr. Gillight, Director of Public Health, Metro Nashville, Wrote a letter Outline his opposition to Maskman Date throughout the city.

The letter arrived after the Metro City Council passed a resolution last week calling on MDPH to carry out mandates due to an increase in cases of COVID in Tennessee.

In the letter, Dr. Wright states that the Metro Public Health Service is currently following CDC recommendations that do not include obligations.

“Currently, the CDC does not require a mask mandate. It is highly recommended to wear a mask indoors. MPHD clearly agrees. Masks are used in all public spaces where people mix in close proximity for more than a few minutes. Must be worn indoors. “

The letter also stated that the COVID-19 vaccine was not available at the end of the city-wide mask order. The only tools the community had to fight the virus were masks and social distance. As of Thursday, just under 54% of Davidson County had been fully vaccinated.

According to the CDC website, Tennessee currently has the highest number of new cases per capita and the highest 7-day positive rate in the country. Councilor Joy Styles says that one person should be enough to impose mask obligations. She called Dr. Wright’s letter “garbage” and “negligence.”

“This isn’t political. It’s about life,” Styles said.

On the contrary, Councilor Steve Glover is pleased that Dr. Wright does not plan to carry out Maskman Date and the city council thinks it should not.

“Let people take responsibility. People are responsible. I think everyone understands that this disease is serious. It’s a disease. We make it very easy. I know it can spread, but how to do a maskman date by the city council? Man, that’s beyond the government’s overkill, “Glover said.

A few weeks ago, Councilwoman Styles announced a bill that, if passed by the Metro Council, would have the authority to issue city-wide mask mandates without the approval of the health sector.

“When the health department isn’t doing their job, we’re the bodies that can see what we can do if the body to handle it isn’t,” Styles said. “What we allow is for people to get sick. People who enter the ICU and potentially die. I don’t want it in my conscience and frankly our other 39 People don’t think so [council members] You need to live with either. ”

The bill will require two more readings in Congress before it passes next month. Glover says he votes against it.

“I think it’s the government’s overkill so far that’s deeply involved in COVID. It looks like no one on this planet is unaware that it’s a serious illness. I’m not denying that, but that’s just what we’re saying. The government doesn’t always have to stick a finger or nose into everyone’s business, “Glover said.

Metro Health director opposes mask mandate, some city council members still pushing for one Source link Metro Health director opposes mask mandate, some city council members still pushing for one

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