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Hinckley Township, Ohio (WJW) — “It’s a phone that parents don’t want to hear. She’s screaming desperately.” I can’t feel my feet. I can’t feel my feet, “Jim Wilson recalls.

What started as a fun Sunday night sledding for 17-year-old daughter Natalie, a friend and her brother, quickly turned into the worst.

“They were laughing all the time, the sled came off, and the sled turned off the side of the hill,” he said. “I think she bumped into one of the trees right next to the slope.”

Jim hurried from home to Hinckley Hill Cleveland Metro Parks‘Hinkley reservation.

Hinckley Fire Chief Jestin Grossenbaugh said his crew took her to the Metro Health Medical Center in response to a call for a leg injury, but unfortunately the diagnosis was even worse.

“She basically broke those vertebrae completely and caused serious damage to the spinal cord,” Jim said.

Natalie Wilson (Photo courtesy of Wilson family)

Grossenbaugh says Natalie’s accident wasn’t the only thing he had to deal with on the sled last weekend. They were seriously injured on Saturday evening. “A 14-year-old girl on a sleigh hill had a tree branch stuck in her eyes,” Grossenbo said.

He says the types of injuries they usually see include broken legs, concussion, and abrasions.

“I’ve had many calls here for my 24 years, but nothing is more serious than these two,” said Grossenbaugh.

When I met Jim on Tuesday, the hill was still open on the sled.

“I think it should be closed at least temporarily,” he said. “I can’t help but think that this wouldn’t have happened if it had been closed before my daughter’s case. And I’m not blaming anyone, but here’s something I need to investigate. It’s clear what’s happening. “

Grossenbaugh says the decision depends on the park system.

Metroparks did not tell us if it plans to close the hills or what factors will make the decision, but it has issued the following statement:

“Our idea lies in the families affected by the sledding incident that occurred over the weekend. We are investigating the incidents and circumstances surrounding these tragic events.”

Cleveland Metro Parks

Jim suggests that the barrier or flag system can help mitigate the risk as his children seemed to be more frozen than usual.

“I think there are some very clear safeguards that can be implemented. To be honest, you shouldn’t do this unless you can safely do it,” he said.

The family of 12 says they appreciate the support from the community and are happy that she is alive.

“Now they say they have no hope of recovery, but there is hope and we will stick to that hope as much as possible,” Jim said.

Jim says he had some hope when Natalie felt a tingling in his feet and the doctor felt a slight toe movement on Tuesday morning.

Metroparks investigating following two severe Hinckley Hill sledding accidents this weekend Source link Metroparks investigating following two severe Hinckley Hill sledding accidents this weekend

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