Miami Bitcoin Conference Compared to Fyre Festival – Miami, Florida

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Simultaneously with the opening of Miami 2021 Bitcoin Conference Today, Mayor Francis Suarez said the city’s cryptocurrency boost is a “movement, not a moment.” But outside, guests stuck in 80-degree weather line up to enter the Mana Winwood Convention Center when they waited hours to hear Suarez and other speakers inside. I complained that it didn’t work.

On social media, guests from all over the world flew to Miami in an unacceptably long line outside the convention center where crypto experts, industry leaders, and internet celebrities gather for a two-day meeting. I was dissatisfied with being there.

Some participants, including entrepreneurs Armand de BrignacLamented that the event appeared to be improperly managed, comparing the meeting to the infamous one. Fire festivalThe guest paid thousands of dollars for a concert in the Bahamas, but fell asleep outside without food, entertainment or accommodation.

Tickets for the Bitcoin conference ranged from $ 400 to over $ 1,000, and event organizers expected more than 50,000 guests. Fox Business Report..

Participants reported that they had to wait more than an hour before entering the venue this morning as the lines stretched to several blocks around the Winwood Arts District.

“The Miami Heat was useless because it was too full,” said one participant. New era, Refers to the weather, not the basketball team. “I couldn’t see the main speaker.”

Others complained that the event was oversold, reporting that the speakers were missing due to a long line.

Some of the people who went in for the speaker slate in the morning were dissatisfied with the lack of a suitable seat. One claimed to have paid $ 900 for the ticket, but only the floor was vacant.

A spokeswoman for Miami Fire Rescue said: New era After the main room reached capacity, some guests had to move out of the aisles and standing areas. Two minor medical calls were reported.

By lunch time, the lines were reduced and the confusion of the meeting subsided.Several participants interviewed New era Outside the venue, he said the event was a success and he didn’t feel scammed, except for the long lines.

Those who attended the meeting on time enjoyed the talks of celebrities such as Bitcoin activist Ron Paul, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, who turned from presidential candidates.

“It was very informative and enlightening. You need to learn from the speakers about what you have heard but did not know. For example. NFT“Attendee Simeon Rice said.

Vendors working on the event said the long line symbolized widespread interest in cryptocurrencies.

An employee of a Bitcoin financial services company said, “There are thousands of people waiting for Bitcoin for two hours in 80-degree weather. This is a signal.” Unchained Capital A person who refuses to reveal his name.

Many others refused to say their name New era Because, as one said, “the people of Bitcoin attach great importance to privacy.”

One such attendee who calls himself “G2” said the event organizers should have made better plans to accommodate the long lines, but otherwise the conference is worth the money. It was worth it.

“The lines were fucking — everyone was like,’What’s wrong?’. One hour to attend the event was unacceptable, but it was a great conference,” G2 said. I will.

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Miami Bitcoin Conference Compared to Fyre Festival
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