Miami Carny Busted for Flea Market Ferris Wheel Assault – Miami, Florida

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The place to go is Oparocca Hillea Flea Market If you are looking for a large (and potentially violent) show.

Last month, an eight-minute video was talked about on social media, showing how flea market operators are as warlike as their guests and colleagues. He pressed his parents on his face before other guests attacked and jumped.

When there was an incident First reported, Kearney’s identity is unknown, and police have not yet arrested him. However, newly released records identify the man as John Howard Hoffman III of Sebring.

Mobile video of the incident broadcast on Facebook live It starts when Hoffman gets angry at the woman who tries to get out of the car after getting in. He then grabs his son, drags him out of the car, closes the door, and then the woman identified in the accident report as Julius Houston gets off and resumes driving. The boy, separated from his mother, grabs a moving car and tries to pull it out until he finally gives it up.

An employee in another f market f city is seen saying something to Hoffman, who rushes towards a colleague and pushes him into the fence. (Witnesses are unidentified employees He says he told Hoffman to “take her out of the car.”)

Hoffman moves the wheels again to unload the passengers in the next car. After leaving the Ferris wheel with her child, you can see the woman in the car approaching Hoffman and arguing with him. Watching several bystanders jumping on Hoffman and hitting and kicking Hoffman, the person shooting the video said, “Slap his ass!”

In the mele, the Ferris wheel and the rest of the passengers began to move at high speed, almost hitting the crowd on the platform.

Police arrived at the scene and disbanded the crowd, but Hoffman was not arrested. The next day, police interviewed witnesses, including Houston. By that time, the carnival manager had moved Hoffman to another location to avoid further clashes, and police were unable to cross-examine him.

Arrest warrant received by New era In response to a request for public records, Hoffman appeared at the Opalocka police station on April 21, indicating that he was taken to the Turner Gilford Knight Correction Center. He was acquitted of felony and misdemeanor charges. Claims and is waiting for next month’s hearing.

Local filmmaker Billy Coven, who shared a video of the quarrel on Twitter, received over 200,000 views. New era He requested an incident report on April 19, but had not received public records until May 27, yesterday.

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Miami Carny Busted for Flea Market Ferris Wheel Assault
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