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Written by Abraham Galvan September 7, 2021


Miami Dade College continues to increase enrollment, narrowing the gap by a total decrease of 4% from the day before the offer, compared to 12% this time last year.

Universities stood at a 6% overall decline with the completion of the summer semester compared to precovid enrollment. According to Madeline Pumaliega, President of Miami Dade College, enrollment in the fall semester reduced the decline by almost 2 percentage points.

“We are still enrolling students for the start of the 12-week and 8-week courses, so our enrollment will probably continue until mid-October,” said Pumariega. “We look forward to taking over students through the President’s Scholarship Program and other programs. There is a lot of interest from our students.”

At Miami Dade College, the pandemic drastically reduced enrollment in the fall of 2020, from about 61,000 in the fall of 2019 to about 53,500 students, the university said. In September 2020, the university experienced the largest decline of 17%. This dropped to about 12% during the short-term registration push in October, the university says.

A report released last week by the Florida Senate panel predicts that Miami Dade College will have 41,527 students enrolled during the school year, which will be the largest enrollment in the University of Florida system. The report estimates that a total of 293,000 students will study at the university system this year. Following Miami Dade College, the three major enrollments at State University are projected to be 34,388 at Valencia Community College, 24,038 at Broward Community College, and 18,945 at Palm Beach State College.

Miami-Dade is one of the largest public universities in the United States. Founded in 1959, it now has eight campuses and 21 outreach centers. Depending on the major or standard in which the student is enrolled, each campus is popular and uniquely trending.

“Cybersecurity has seen a huge increase in registrations on the Wolfson campus, and it’s doing very well,” said Pumariega. “When we started thinking about programs rather than campuses, all cloud computing programs were enrolled. Artificial intelligence programs were also enrolled.”

The North Campus is currently drawing a geographically large area with everyone in the North Miami region with the help of the Faculty of Science. Then there are the Hiaria Campus and the Kendal Campus, all of which are pandemics.

Currently, Miami Dade College reports that it serves approximately 120,000 students annually at 21 locations and centers.

“There are opportunities for scholarships and financial incentives for programs that lead to work, such as digital marketing, cooking schools, business and finance courses,” added Pumariega. “What the pandemic has done is to really accelerate the adoption of innovation and technology. Find a program at Miami Dade College, provide skill upgrades, and acquire the skills needed for the future workforce. I recommend it. “

Miami Dade College students flock back in greater numbers Source link Miami Dade College students flock back in greater numbers

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