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People who do not have a government-issued ID can have difficulty using the services they need, such as COVID testing and vaccination.

But now Miami-Dade County is county-approved for minors, minors, previously imprisoned, transsexuals, and those who have difficulty obtaining official identification. We are one step closer to providing a community ID card. At a meeting on Wednesday, the County Council voted 12 to 1 in favor of the proposal.

“I represent the community, especially the community in eastern Little Havana, where half of the population is non-citizen,” Commissioner Irene Higgins said during the meeting. “And that area of ​​my district is a vaccine. I’m lagging behind. “

The next step is to outline how the program will be developed by the administration of Mayor Daniella Levine Cava of Miami-Dade County. The committee will vote again when Cava returns with a plan about two months later.

According to legislative advocate Higgins, all Miami-Dade residents are eligible to apply for a Community ID. The ID card provides county residents with a photo ID that can be used to access local government services, open a credit union account, trade at a check cashing store, or as an emergency ID. ..

For privacy reasons, identities are managed by community-based organizations rather than counties. The IDs of people with community IDs are not entered in the public record.

Commissioner Joe Martinez was the only one to vote against the program. He and several other commissioners have expressed concern that ID cards could be used fraudulently. Martinez said he opposed the idea of ​​creating another layer of privacy for people with community IDs.

“Why protect this particular group?” Martinez said at the meeting.

The commissioner was also asked what kind of personal information the community ID card contains and how to prove that the person seeking the ID is who they say they are. According to Cava, these details will be resolved and submitted to the Commission within 60 days.

Miami-Dade previously tried to implement a local identity program in 2015, but the commissioner issued a report to then Mayor Carlos A. Jimenez on the possibility of creating a municipal identity program. Voted to approve the bill asking them to.

However, there is a difference between the municipal ID and the community ID that the commissioner voted for for approval. The former is issued and managed by a city or county, and the latter is managed by a non-profit or community-based organization.

The report, requested by the Commission in 2015, took about four years to complete and ultimately concluded that local government IDs raise serious privacy concerns. We conclude that if the identity program is maintained by the city or county government, the list of identity holders will be subject to public record requirements. Customs authorities or groups with anti-immigrant sentiment.

“By creating a local government ID program, it is inevitable to record the cardholder’s ID,” the report said. “Some local governments face cardholder privacy and identity challenges. doing.”

Cava proposed a community identity program when he was a commissioner at the end of 2019, but the action failed at the commissioner. When Cava was elected mayor, Higgins picked up a torch.

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Miami-Dade Commissioners Approve Community IDs
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