Miami Hospital Jackson Health to Host “Influencer Vaccine Day” – Miami, Florida

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Yesterday, a spokeswoman for Jackson Health Systems in Miami sent an email to other locals with a lot of influencers and social media followers announcing “Influencer Vaccine Day” at the hospital.

“You will be invited (perhaps at +1) to come and get the Pfizer vaccine,” the email read. “I hope you post about your experience, and there may be a videographer there who will do a short interview with you for Jackson’s social media.”

The email stated that outreach activity was still underway, but Influencer Vaccine Day was planned for this week or next week. All Florida residents over the age of 16 qualified for the vaccine on Monday.

Caligarcia, the spirit behind Fatgirl Hedonist Food Blog, Was one of the influencers who received the email. Her first thought: “Are you fucking me teasing?”

Garcia works in the Broward County healthcare industry and is trying to secure vaccines for high-risk family and friends for weeks. She says she accepts vaccine reservations because the number of followers she has will present a “huge ethical conflict” for her.

“I feel like there are people who need it more,” she says. New Times.. “And I want high-risk individuals to be vaccinated before they see young and healthy influencers vaccinated for the benefits of social media follow-up, not for any other reason.”

The reaction was mixed after Garcia tweeted a screenshot of the email. Some people found the idea unpleasant and strange.

“This is terrible,” wrote one.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions …” said another.

Others considered the plan to be a wise way to promote the public health message. Some say that supporting vaccination is a noble use of social media.

“It’s better than rowing a monato,” said one person, referring to a MLM company that sells shampoo.

In a statement New Times, Jackson Health said efforts to involve social media influencers are an additional layer of the hospital’s vaccine outreach strategy now that all adults are eligible.

“Our ultimate goal is to vaccinate as many people in our community as possible as soon as possible so that we can put this pandemic behind us,” the statement said. (Jackson’s full statement is at the bottom of this post.)

Jackson isn’t the only one looking for influencers to post about the COVID vaccine. For example, the OKC County Health Department in Oklahoma is paying for social media posts from influencers who can disseminate information about vaccines to the population.

Jeff Niederdeppe, Professor of Communication, Cornell University Said Atlantic When it comes to getting influencers involved in public health campaigns, it’s “better.” And Rohit Deshpande, an economist and marketing professor at Harvard Business School, said: wrote How influencers can help spread accurate and timely public health messages. Deshpande also said that influential people who activate people’s “fear of oversight” can contribute to vaccine delays.

Still, Garcia on the Fatgirl Hedonist blog says Influencer Vaccine Day feels like it’s going to set it apart, especially when Jackson asks other residents to book on an online system that fills up quickly. I will.

While calling New Times, Garcia checked the websites of Jackson Health, Publix, Walgreens, and other companies offering shots. All Miami-Dade and Broward slots have been booked. The only appointment available was a city about four hours north of Miami. She wonders if influencers and their Plus Ones are fair to vaccinate, but the average person keeps updating on their online booking page.

“When I’m trying to defend my family or friends who are at high risk and I know I can’t help them, it’s a bit disappointing to see this offered,” Garcia said. say. (Although booking online is difficult, there are several vaccination sites in South Florida. No reservation required.. )

The dose of vaccine Jackson is providing to influencers is not clear, but the hospital states that compensation will not be paid to those who agree to participate.

“In exchange for helping educate the general public about the safety, efficacy and benefits of this vaccine, payments will never be made to influencers or community leaders affiliated with the vaccine’s outreach activities. Not at, “said the hospital. New Times..

Statement from Jackson Health:

Jackson Health System has been a leading vaccination provider in Miami-Dade County for over three months, with approximately 150,000 people vaccinated at our facility since early January. From day one, the community will learn about the benefits of this vaccine through a variety of outreach activities, including the production of a series of trilingual videos featuring healthcare professionals and the holding of a virtual city hall for community leaders and the general public. Has focused on educating. It is also a model for reaching traditionally poorly serviced communities by partnering with worship centers and non-profit community groups to vaccinate members.

As all adults in Florida are eligible for vaccination, we are launching another layer of comprehensive outreach planning. We work with social media influencers to help spread the message about vaccine efficacy to the younger generation. Our ultimate goal is to vaccinate as many people as possible in our community as soon as possible so that we can put this pandemic behind us.

Each influencer is allowed to bring in one spouse, partner, or relative who meets Florida eligibility requirements. In exchange for helping educate the general public about the safety, efficacy, and benefits of this vaccine, payments may be made to influencers or community leaders affiliated with the vaccine outreach activity. Absolutely not.

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Miami Hospital Jackson Health to Host “Influencer Vaccine Day”
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