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Four weeks after the Miami Police Department (MPD) reported that about 24 AR-15 patrol rifles were missing, police have not yet found everything.

On May 12, MPD leadership sent a department-wide note entitled “MISSING RIFLES” listing the 25 serial numbers of rifles that could not be explained after a voluntary audit of police property. The memo instructed the police officer who owns the rifle to return the rifle just before the MPD reported the theft of the weapon.

Cheese Gauss, who oversees the department’s property and evidence management section, said: New era The actual number of missing rifles this week was 23-one of the serial numbers in the memo was duplicated and another rifle was clearly not on the list.

As of Monday, 12 of the 23 rifles were found and returned to the MPD. According to Gause, the remaining 11 were reportedly stolen.

The MPD states that the loss of the rifle was not caused by any kind of breach or theft, but by a poor record when the weapon was signed out.

In a radio interview with WIOD on May 18, Chief Art Asebed said: Brian Mad Show“When talking about firearms and very powerful deadly weapons, we need to implement a better system.”

According to Gause, one of the deficiencies was related to the MPD’s rifle training course. When the rifle is used for training, the instructor uses his name to sign out the rifle to the trainee. If 20 people enrolled in a training course but only 15 could attend, the previous records management policy would fail to return extra rifles or not clearly document who had them. That’s what Gause says.

Currently, MPD has a computerized system, and Gause states that it will track all equipment issued to police officers. Rifles signed out of the training course will now be assigned to individual officers of the course rather than instructors.

According to Gause, MPD training units submitted a number of newly recovered rifles, while other units were found by active police officers to match the rifles with the serial numbers on the memo. It has been submitted.

What about the remaining 11 rifles?

MPD is currently investigating where they may be. According to Gauss, the department has contacted retirees about the AR-15, and police officers who left the department may have rifles that they took home and never returned.

The case of not finding a rifle is just the latest episode of sloppy real estate management that dropped the MPD into hot water.

Local blogger Al Crespo has a division in 2016 Store evidence of murder in a rusty storage container under I-95, Water and pests invade the container and obliterate evidence in at least 500 cases.

Then, in 2017, 11 revolvers were used in the training program. Disappeared from MPD storage unitPrompted the state to investigate the missing Miami Herald, The gun has not been found yet.

In a 2019 internal notice, MPD warned police officers not to leave sensitive items in the car. Guns and other police equipment stolen from police cruisers With four separate intrusions.

Gause states that anyone found to be in possession of 11 stolen AR-15s, whether active or former police officers, will be subject to legal action.

“As a department, we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law if anyone owns it. [of the rifles], “She says.

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Miami Police Say 11 Assault Rifles Are Still Missing
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