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Riverside, California 2021-10-18 16:37:13 –

The reason for the quarantine cited by the Centner Academy has already been clarified by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Miami — A Miami-based private school talked about asking staff not to get the COVID-19 vaccine and gave vaccinated students a month because the information was revealed. Mandatory quarantine.

letter Obtained by WSVN Indicates that the Centner Academy is asking parents to postpone vaccination of students against COVID-19 for reasons already disproved by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“… If you are considering a vaccine for Centner Academy students, please postpone it until the summer, when the chances of infection and the transmission to others may be reduced.” WSVN report The letter sent to his parents states.

According to the CDC, vaccine excretion is “release or release of vaccine components inside or outside the body.” According to experts, this only occurs with vaccines that use an attenuated version of the virus or live virus, but not with the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Vaccines licensed for use in the United States do not contain live viruses,” the CDC writes.You can learn more about the uncovered vaccine myth here.

The Centner Academy also requires vaccinated students to stay home for 30 days after vaccination to combat the “potential impact” on other students.

According to the school’s website, when it comes to general vaccination, the emphasis is on “respecting individuality and freedom of choice.”

One of the school’s co-founders issued the following statement regarding the decision to 10 Tampa Bay:

“The Center Academy policy was enacted as a cautious precaution after careful deliberation. To clarify, school leaders said that vaccinated people could infect others with COVID. I don’t think it’s sexual. In addition, the school hasn’t commented on whether a vaccinated person could have a negative impact on others, but the vast amount of this latter topic. Due to the widespread use of case reports, care must be taken when making decisions that may affect the health of the school community. Definitive and scientifically proven studies that refute these reports. We need to do the best for our students and staff until they exist. Our top priority has always been the well-being of our students and their sense of security in our educational environment. We will act according to our priorities. The emails we sent to our families were based on these priorities. “

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Miami school tells vaccinated students stay home for 30 days Source link Miami school tells vaccinated students stay home for 30 days

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