Miami Traffic Alert: Critical Mass Bike Route for April 30, 2021 – Miami, Florida

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The curfew has been lifted and many cyclists are attacking the streets again. After a year of Magic City spending almost indoors, Miami’s Critical Mass Bike Ride will return tonight as a cyclist’s exit and as a potential headache for drivers.

Critical Mass has long been a staple of Miami’s outdoor scene, riding a number of bikes once a month on a 20-mile route through the Miami district, including Overtown, Winwood, Upper East Side, and Downtown.

But The ride in March last year was canceled When a large rally was banned for COVID-19, the ride continued since then and served as an escape for professional and amateur cyclists who are tired of coup d’etat and trying to go outdoors ..

This month’s ride begins tonight at 7:15 pm, starting at the downtown Government Center and meandering across a wide area of ​​Miami and Miami Beach.

Despite its popularity, Critical Mass is known to some locals for its customs Crowded road There are hundreds of bikes in counties and states Not known to be very bike friendly..

The Miami Bike Scene, an organization that promotes but does not sponsor the event, warns riders to ride their bikes responsibly and stay in the right lane for traffic.

“It seems that all eyes are looking at Miami’s critical mass, and it’s time for participants to prove that their opponents are wrong,” the group says. That website.. “If you participate in the ride, it is your duty to actively influence others. Ride safely and be polite to everyone in the community. If you can’t do this, you’re totally welcome. not.”

The Miami Bike Scene sees Critical Mass as an opportunity to provide new and experienced cyclists with the opportunity to ride comfortably in Miami, improving the safety of riding in large groups. I will.

Critical Mass is not licensed by any city, and cyclists have enjoyed police escorts for the past few years, but police officers will not accompany riders at tonight’s event. Instead, Miami Beach police will be stationed at major intersections along the beach bike route. Miami Beach City Press Release..

rear Bicycle boom due to pandemic Due to a shortage of bike stores in Miami, this month’s rides could be much larger than ever. Especially because many Miamians are vaccinated. As more cars come from people returning to face-to-face work, friction can also occur between four-wheeled and two-wheeled people.

Tonight, traffic delays are expected along a 20-mile loop of events that include Biscane Boulevard, North Miami Avenue, and parts of the Venetian Causeway. Cyclists begin to gather at the Government Center at 6:30 pm and start riding at 7:15 pm.

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Miami Traffic Alert: Critical Mass Bike Route for April 30, 2021
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