Miami Workers Center Advocates for Eviction Protections Amid the Pandemic – Miami, Florida

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Nearly 500,000 renters live in Miami-Dade County, and thousands face evictions due to unemployment and financial difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, evictions have been submitted to the Circuit Court for tenants who have not paid rent, but the county moratorium is to officially remove tenants for all eviction cases filed after March 12, 2020. Still bans the final court decisions required for.

Defenders of residential justice in Miami and the United States are participating in demonstrations today demanding stronger protection from renters, as federal protection against evictions is expected to end at the end of January. The Miami Workers Center, an organization advocating the needs of black and brown workers and other vulnerable communities, has extended the county’s moratorium on final court decisions by the end of 2021 to Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniela Levinkava. I’m asking you to.

Paola, a resident of the city of Miami, is one of those who fear losing their homes.She tells New Times She found an eviction notice on the door of her apartment on November 5, suffering from a broken leg, losing her job and telling the landlord that her rent payment would be delayed. Defenders at the Miami Workers Center knocked on her door to inform her about tenant rights and local and federal protection against evictions.

“I had an incredible sense of security,” says Paola. “I thought I would get to the street.” (Paola asked me to use a pseudonym because I was afraid of the role of advocate and retaliation from the landlord.)

For now, Paola still lives in the apartment while her case is pending in the county court. Since receiving support from the Miami Workers Center, she has begun volunteering for the group and has made door-to-door visits to her apartment to talk to her neighbors about eviction protection and financial support.

Paola says he believes there is a gap between the information and resources available to the struggling tenant and the lessor’s access to that information. She often has low-income jobs in many of her complex tenants, works long hours to earn income, and often doesn’t know where to seek help if they are struggling. Is called.

Among people from other countries, “I think there are spiritual and cultural issues. [where] “This isn’t my upbringing,” Paola said. “They say their government has never helped them, so they get whatever they can get. Come here with these ideas that there is nothing for them other than working hard for them. “

Other organizations, including the Miami Workers Center and the Legal Aid Group’s Community Justice Project and the Miami Tenant Union, have been mobilized over the past few months to defend and retain tenants in eviction procedures.Group provides Weekly Virtual Legal Clinic On Tuesday night for those who may need to protect themselves in such a procedure.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the eviction moratorium is an effective public health measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and eviction can push people to family homes, crowded shelters, or streets. I will. Second, it increases the risk of getting infected and spreading the virus.

This week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that the state will receive more than $ 850 million in rental assistance from the federal government, but it could take weeks for the money to cross the pipeline. ..

Florida legislators have also submitted a bill to the state legislature on expanding tenant protection. Democratic Senator Darryl Luson, who represents parts of St. Petersburg and Tampa, will refer the eviction case to mediation in a court of certain judicial circuits, removing the requirement for tenants fighting eviction to deposit unpaid rent. I have submitted a bill that requires that. Court registration. Democratic Senator Shebrin Jones, who represents parts of Miami-Dade and Broward County, has also banned landlords from refusing to conclude rental contracts with prospective tenants due to previous evictions during the pandemic. I submitted.

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Miami Workers Center Advocates for Eviction Protections Amid the Pandemic
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