Mic Crawf and Moses’ ‘T.H.I.S.’ Defines Perseverance – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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for example this, Or The truth emphasized in the song Coming to local bread, it’s a very successful story for moderator Mike Croff and DJ / producer Moses. Originally running a companion in an early iteration of Moses’ higher education record label, after the first social gathering, the two collaborated to create an uptownner open mic night feature, and things went from there. Was clicked. However, Moses was diagnosed with leukemia in 2016, shortening his initial practice as a DJ and moderator. Later, Croff faced his own health fears and needed a kidney transplant. Now that both artists are healthy and well, they are rekindling the hip-hop flames they once had on this project.

Music of this This is a part-time capsule and a pair of building blocks, as much of the EP material was recorded and placed on the back burner while life was disturbed. However, Moses’ production and turntable cuts are appropriate, and Mike Crouch brings a rugged, straightforward flow up, like an ode to the golden age of this genre. Both artists shared the peace of mind that they could see the light of day on this project.

“When I got sick, things got complicated and Mike had kidney problems. Everything was postponed and then a pandemic happened. We made a lot of progress, but that’s not the case. There wasn’t, “Moses said.

“From the first time we returned to the stage with her at her return show, it turned on again and popped in,” said Mike Croff. “We were like,’Let’s roll this.'”

After returning to proper health, Mic Crawf and Moses are back together. We have also revived Higher Education Records and are operating it as a local hip-hop fixture. On top of that, there’s a creative team behind Moses who is like Moses! Club series and online broadcasts recently relocated to RWB Milwaukee. The time spent in Moses’ studio has been spent enough, but the two already want to go back to recording.

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“We already have a second EP ready to roll some. We have to complete a few things,” Moses said. “I wasn’t sitting on just four songs all this time. Before the pandemic, we were working on a lot of things. So far we’re narrowing things down to understand what’s right. In fact. You can now drop another EP on. “

It can now be streamed on all platforms. The release show is being considered as part of Non-Pop! Details have not been formalized, but the series.

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