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Cleveland (WJW) – A local mother who lost her son in gun violence said she would not stop fighting until the murderer was caught.

“By the grace of God, I am here to continue fighting for justice for my son. I am not going to give up,” said Nicey Bryant.

It’s been four years since then 17 year old michapman It was accidentally targeted during a drive-by shooting on Ansel Road near Kenmore Avenue in Cleveland.

According to Brian, Michael was walking to the store between 5 pm and 6 pm on July 6, 2017, and stopped talking to friends he hadn’t seen in a while when the shooter fired.

A strong and talented John Hay High School football player initially overcame gunshots and spoke to FOX 8 News from a hospital bed, but died a few weeks later on July 23.

“It’s like … I remember yesterday,” Nacy said.

The Cleveland police station said silver Jeep Liberty was seen rushing away from the scene and investigators have been seeking information about the driver ever since.

On Tuesday, they got a big boost from their efforts. Jennifer Williams, a documentary filmmaker and mother of Visionary Productions, was very impressed to see Michael talk on FOX 8 News when he contacted his family.

“I happened to see your first story about Michael Chapman and remembered him in his hospital bed. As a mother with a child of the same age, it really stuck to me,” Williams said. It was.

She became friends with her family and filmed a documentary called “Unshattered Closure.”

Williams installed a billboard on Cedar Avenue near East 74th Street in Cleveland and posted a photo of Michael and an image of its Silver Jeep.

“The sign is just the beginning of what we are planning. We will fight for justice. We will definitely collect rewards so that we can help,” Williams said. Said.

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Brian said he shed tears when he saw it.

Not only did she lose Michael, but on September 2, 2020, one of her two surviving daughters, Tinita McGhee, died in a car accident. She said she couldn’t bring back either of the beautiful children, but the sign gave her hope.

“I look at the sign and start screaming.” Oh, that’s what. Thank you, Jesus. “I cried in my eyes,” Bryant said.

And that’s not all. On Saturday, parents of Bryant and other murdered children hold a special picnic in honor of their children and to help other children in need by collecting school supplies. The event will take place at Walter Burks Park in Cleveland from 2 pm to 8 pm.

“We cook for our children, prepare games and stuff, and respect our children’s heritage,” said Bryant.

She said about her son hitman. “I believe I can know what happened to my son. It may not be my time, but it will be God’s time.”

Anyone with the information can call the Cleveland Police Department directly or call the Crime Stopper 216-252-7463. A $ 25,000 reward has been provided for information that could lead to arrest, leaving tipsters anonymous.

Michael Chappman murder unsolved after four years Source link Michael Chappman murder unsolved after four years

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