Michael Stanley tribute concert – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-12-03 21:56:13 –

Cleveland (WJW) -Fans pay homage to the deceased as they pour into the center stage of MGM Northfield Park Michael Stanley Friday night.

This was a special concert celebrating the life of this rock star in northeastern Ohio.

Reunited on stage were former members of the Michael Stanley band, resonators, and special guest Jonah Koslen.

There was also a special reason for the concert. That’s what Stanley requested before him. dieNS Back in March for lung cancer.

Some of all tickets sold will be sent to the newly established 10,000 watt Holy Light Foundation of the Cleveland Foundation.

A charity created by Stanley’s daughters.

Initially, the plan was two concerts on Friday and Saturday nights. However, tickets sold out earlier than any concert in the history of the venue, so Live Nation added its third and final show on Sunday.

For 3-night ticket information celebrating Stanley’s music and his philanthropic heritage, click here.

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