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Michael Wolff, Landslide Two other best-selling books on the Trump administration claim that Rupert Murdoch “dislikes” Donald Trump.

“Rupert hates Donald Trump,” the author said. Talked to CNN’s Reliable Source.. “I hate him, but Rupert loves money.”

Wolff has long written about Murdoch and Fox News. In Landslide he Report The 90-year-old personally endorsed Joe Biden’s early call to Arizona to signal Trump’s defeat.

Fox News denied the story. Chris Stillwald on Saturday, Political editor He also poured cold water on his allegations, saying he left Fox News after the election and faced “murderous anger” from Trump supporters for defending Arizona’s call.

“If you want to know how wrong Michael Wolff’s claim is,” Stillwald said. In his podcast, “Clips can be found on the air. They were really surprised when our on-air colleague reported our phone.

“About Wolf … If you just say,’Tell me whatever you want to say,’ I read the White House book. It’s very transparent at some point, who cooks who. But you unnecessarily give people anonymity and then make them lie to you. “

Fox News has been working hard since the election, regaining viewers from Newsmax and One America News Network while Trump gained support for the Republican Party.

Wolff said former Trump spokesman Jason Miller supported his report. He also claimed that whatever Murdoch felt about Trump, he knew where his interests were.

“Anyways, Rupert Murdoch At that point, the decision desk contacted Lachlan Murdoch and reported that Lachlan Murdoch had called his father. The father said he agreed with the report, including a considerable obscenity that was clearly directed at Trump.

“How can I find this out? Here’s the background. In fact, I’m a biographer at Rupert Murdoch and I’ve been given a great deal of access to him. I’m the whole company and him. I know this happened because I have enough information for the whole family of. My source is very good and there is no doubt about this. “

Brian Stelter, the host of CNN Books about Fox News and Trump, “There are many sources that Rupert looks down on Trump. So why is Fox still so attached to him? Why do you think he hasn’t changed Fox’s editing strategy? “

“I think there are two worlds happening here,” Wolff said. “There is a world of Rupert Murdoch … [and] Include fox The network is its business model or fox A news network to old Trump models, from which money comes from. Will Rupert Murdoch have an alternative, and will it supply that much money?

“I hate Rupert Donald Trump.. I hate him. But Rupert loves money. These are two sources of conflict. “

Wolff, who recently called the Washington Post, said, “News thiefHe repeatedly attacked his interviewers with reports similar to him.

“Every week, all you have to do is ask Fox, ask its authenticity, ask its honor, and ask. Now you think they may be honest in their mistakes. . “

He also said that Stelter is a “nice guy” but “full of sanctuary” and “one of the reasons people can’t stand the media.”

“You’re cracking down on me,” Stelter said before asking what he should do otherwise.

“Don’t talk so much,” Wolff said. “Listen more.”

Michael Wolff: Murdoch hates Trump but loves Fox News money more | Books

Source link Michael Wolff: Murdoch hates Trump but loves Fox News money more | Books

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