Michigan School Shooting: Three Teenagers Killed by Shooters Identified | US School Shooting

Michigan officials have nominated three teenagers killed Tuesday high school shootingSome of them were critically injured when the detective revealed progress in trying to unravel the motivation for a fatal attack on a 15-year-old student who injured eight others.

I freeze myself Mobile phone video Taken by a student at Oxford High School and posted on TikTok, let’s impersonate a law enforcement member and access the classroom before some students find themselves fooled into escaping safely through the window. I’m catching the shooter who is trying. ..

The three killed were named Hana St. Juliana (14 years old), Madishin Baldwin (17 years old) and Tate Maia (16 years old).

On Wednesday morning, Oakland County sheriff Michael Bushar said a 10-year-old male suspect, who had been successfully arrested within two minutes of an agent arriving at a school in the suburbs of Detroit, had not spoken to the detective. rice field.

“His parents are looking for a lawyer, Michigan By law, it was not possible to talk to the boy without the permission of his parents, and they refused to do so, “Bushar told CNN’s New Day Show Wednesday.

“But I think there is a way to get a lot of supporting information about how and why this happened. We have regained some evidence that we are now starting to pierce. “

According to the sheriff, the evidence contained “text containing some of his ideas,” but the investigation was still in its infancy, with more than 1,800 students and staff interviewed and hours of video. I emphasized that I evaluated it in. No billing has been made yet.

“I saw some of the actual videos of the shooting itself, and it’s clear that he came out with the intention of killing people,” Bushar said.

“He was shooting people at close range, often towards his head and chest. It’s absolutely cold and murderous.”

Mr. Bushar said the pistols used by the shooters were purchased by his father last Friday, increasing the likelihood of accusations against his parents. An investigation warrant was executed overnight at the family’s house, and various items were removed for inspection.

According to Mr. Bushar, investigators recovered at least 30 shells from the scene, seven more magazines were found in the gun magazine, and one was in the chamber.

“The training of our people, who entered immediately within two minutes of arriving at the scene, detained him with a manipulable firearm loaded … it saved lives,” he said. ..

Another important piece of evidence seems to be the TikTok video. In this video, a male voice claims to be a law enforcement officer trying to access a classroom where a student is hiding on the floor and crouching. Sheriff Bushar said the archers seemed to be trying to enter some of the locked or barricade classrooms.

Students are suspicious when a speaker, not seen in the video, but heard a call to a teenager inside to get out safely, uses the word “bro” when requesting the door to open. Become.

“He said’friends’,’red flags’,” said one student, whose classmates desperately began to climb through the windows and secure another building across the snow-covered campus. I can hear you say that.

The Oxford community, on the other hand, is described by Bushar as “very calm, sweet and peaceful.” [and] On Wednesday morning, he began praying for the injured, mourning the killed, including a 14-year-old girl who was still hospitalized to sustain life.

More than 1,000 people attended the rally on Tuesday night at the Lakepoint Community Church in Oxford, a town of about 22,000 people. The chief pastor, Jesse Holt, told the crowd: What do we do? Where to go? Our community was yesterday, but we are no longer there. ” Michigan live report.

Ryan Delsa, who lives in Oxford, held back tears while hugging her friends and neighbors. Delsa lived in Oxford for almost all 73 years, and her grandchildren attended high school.

“I scared all of us terrible. It’s terrible,” Delsa said of the shooting. “We have experienced the tragedy of the deaths of young people over the years. We are all helping each other and still love them with them.”

There was a vague threat, according to a student interviewed shortly after the incident. “For a while” Authorities said the suspect was previously unknown to them, but about someone trying to shoot the school.

Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, Ordered the flag of the state building to a half-mast and talked about “an unimaginable tragedy”.

At a briefing on Tuesday afternoon, the Democratic Governor said, “I hope we can all stand up on this occasion and join forces with families, affected children, school officials, and the community.” Said.

“Don’t be afraid to go to school, work, worship, or even your own home. Gun violence is a public health crisis that claims everyday life.”

Michigan School Shooting: Three Teenagers Killed by Shooters Identified | US School Shooting

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