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Melanie Hamrick shared a new snapshot with the Rolling Stones musician boyfriend and his son after her birthday.

Mick Jaggers girlfriend Melanie Hamrick On Sunday, July 18th, I shared a rare new photo of her little family unit on Instagram.In a post thanking his followers for a weekend birthday wish, choreographer and former ballerina, 34, shared a photo with the Rolling Stones frontman boyfriend, 77, and his son. Devlow, 4, against the background of the sea.

“I feel all love today,” Melanie captioned the post. “Thank you for your wonderful message.” In the snapshot, Melanie Mick smoothes her cheeks while her son is sandwiched between her legs. Little Devlow can be seen holding his father’s hand and smiling.

Mick and Melanie have been dating since 2014. Page 6 Previously reported What the duo met in Japan While both the Rolling Stones and the American Ballet Theater are touring the country. The couple welcomed their first child, Deveraux, together in 2016. Mick also shares with the other seven children. Lucas,twenty two, Jade, 49, Georgia May, 29, Charis, 50, Gabriel,twenty three, James, 35, and Elizabeth, 37, with various other ex-partners Jerry Hall, Luciana Jimenez,and Marsha Hunt..

Some of his children, and even their ex-partners, appear to have a good relationship with each other.Last month, Lucas Visited his brother-in-law Georgia May In Los Angeles, I spent some time in the city, visiting several shops and enjoying ramen together. Georgia May simply captioned the June 23 IG post “Lucas in LA”.

In Melanie’s comment section, Luciana, who shares her son Lucas with Mick about a photo of Rockerbo’s recent birthday with her son, left Melanie with a happy birthday emoji.

In an interview with Marie Claire Melanie opened in 2017 About how “insulting” it was It was named Mick’s “Baby Mama”. The dancer said, “I never think of myself as a’baby mama’.” “Yes, in a technical sense, I’m not married to my child’s father, but I have a great, great relationship with him, so I don’t look like that.”

“I have a career. I work hard,” Melanie continued. “I’ve been supporting myself since I was 18 years old. I spent my whole life working. I’m dancing with one of the most famous ballet companies in the world. It’s a bit insulting to be in that category. Is the target. “

Mick Jagger and girlfriend Melanie Hamrick hug her son Devlow – Hollywood Life

Source link Mick Jagger and girlfriend Melanie Hamrick hug her son Devlow – Hollywood Life

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