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London (AP) — Microsoft is working with European publishers to drive a system for creating big tech platforms …

London (AP) — Microsoft is working with European publishers to push big tech platforms to pay for news and force Google and Facebook to pay for journalism in an Australian-led brewing battle We are raising the stake for.

U.S. tech giant and four European Union major news industry groups collaborate on Monday with a “pay-as-you-go” solution for using news content from online “gatekeepers with dominant market power” Announced the plan.

They said they would “inspire” from the law proposed in Australia, force technology platforms to share revenue with news companies, and include an arbitration system to resolve disputes over the fair price of news. Stated.

Facebook last week blocked Australians from accessing and sharing news on its platform in response to a government suggestion, but the surprise move has sparked a huge backlash about how powerful it is. Intensified the debate. Meanwhile, Google has taken another step by reducing payment transactions with the press after retreating from the original threat of shutting down search engines for Australians.

Microsoft is working with two lobbying groups, the European Publishers Council and News Media Europe, and two groups representing European newspaper and magazine publishers with thousands of titles. The Seattle-based company has expressed support for Australia’s plans that could help increase its market share in Bing search engines.

By June, European Union countries will adopt revised copyright rules set by EU executives to allow news companies and publishers to negotiate payments from digital platforms for online use of content. It is working.

However, there were concerns about the imbalance in bargaining power between the two sides, and the group called for new measures to be added to future digital regulatory reviews to address the issue.

In a joint statement, the group said, “Publishers may not have the financial power to negotiate a fair and balanced agreement with these gatekeeper technology companies, or they may leave the negotiations or market. There is a risk of a complete withdrawal from. ” Google and Facebook are resisting arbitration because it has less control over payment negotiations.

Facebook did not immediately respond to the request for comment. Google has already signed hundreds of partnerships with news publishers across Europe, becoming one of the largest funders of journalism, and as Member States adopt copyright rules in national law, the EU as a whole. He said he was working with publishers and policy makers.


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