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Middle schooler revamps school bathrooms, hoping to start positive social media trend after controversial one vandalized school property – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-09-25 21:10:16 –

Las Vegas, Nevada (KLAS) – A new positive trend is taking over our valley school in the hope of reversing the vandalism caused by the controversial challenges prevailing on social media.

“We can stop this trend and do better for the school, because if they lock the bathroom, how do we use it during the day? How can girls be able to do what they have to do? “said Alexis Higgins, an 11-year-old student.

Junior high school students and their peers are compensating for the damage done to others in the girls’ bathrooms at Anthony Savill Middle School with a new trend called “Angelic Yields,” which renews the bathrooms.

“Because bad things are happening and good things don’t happen right away,” Higgins added.

Clark Country School has seen an increase in vandalism in recent weeks, and the district has taken on the challenge of “malicious licking” aimed at 8 News Now destroying school property and posting it on TikTok. He says it is related.

The challenge is to destroy school assets, such as destroying soap dispensers, removing all paper towels, and even destroying women’s sanitary machines.

Higgins replenishes the bathroom with fragrant soaps and lotions, but the lack of women’s hygiene products is central to what she wants to fix.

“We are teased by the boys at the table to put the backpack in and out. Because you are teased, it needs to be supplied in the bathroom, not in the bathroom.” She said.

The 11-year-old mom is happy to help her daughter replace the stolen one. “We can accomplish that with kindness and helping individuals. My hope is to counteract and make up for some of what is happening,” said Christie Higgins.

The CCSD School states that vandalism and theft of things from the school are not allowed.

CCSD police say parents will be held liable for damages.

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