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“We may make a fresh start in the cause of life in America.”

Mike Pence will give a speech in Budapest on Thursday. ATTILAKI SBENEDEK / AFP via Getty Images

Budapest, Hungary (AP) — Former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence hopes Thursday that a new conservative majority of the Supreme Court created between him and President Donald Trump will soon overturn U.S. abortion rights He said he was doing it.

Pence spoke at a forum in Budapest, Hungary, focusing on demographics and family values. There, conservative leaders in Central Europe expressed concern about the decline in fertility rates in Western Europe and discussed ways to reverse the trend.

“We are seeing the crisis that brings us here today, the crisis that hits the very heart of civilization itself. Nuclear family erosion characterized by lower marriage rates, increased divorces, abortion epidemics, and sharp birth rates. “Pence said.

First held in 2015 and held every two years, the Budapest Census Summit has become a platform for leaders to blame illegal immigrants and encourage families to have more children.

Hungary under Prime Minister Victor Oban has become a political model for Western world right-wing leaders and critics who praise his strong opposition to illegal immigrants and his support for conservative social values. rice field. Often, they overlook Oban’s authoritarian sources: erosion of his democratic system and discrimination against minorities, including asylum-seekers and LGBT people.

Pence praised how the abortion rate fell under Oban’s leadership. And he recalls that the administration he served as Vice President appointed 300 conservative judges to the federal court, including three new judges to the Supreme Court, and things will change in the United States as well. Expressed hope for.

“We may make a fresh start in the cause of life in America,” Pence said. “It is our hope and prayer that in the next few days, a new conservative majority of the US Supreme Court will take action to restore the sanctity of life at the heart of American law.”

Pence office building post-Whitehouse operations, including launching new political advocacy groups, giving speeches, raising funds, and strengthening relationships that could help if you choose to run for president in 2024. I’ve spent a few months away from.

As a conservative he can appeal to both his white evangelical Christian foundation and Trump supporters, and those who may have liked Trump’s policies but not his boxing style. I tried to position myself.

Still, Pence faces a difficult battle after eliciting Trump’s anger by refusing to block proof of the 2020 election defeat, which the former president still refuses to accept.

Hungarian leader Oban, who faces reelection next year, lamented that conservatives, including Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, have recently faced losses in the elections. But to Pence, he said: “Vice President, we want you to come back as soon as possible.”

Orban also found that under his control since 2010, it would be economically beneficial for families to have children by limiting immigration and using tax incentives and other state means. By assuring, he explained how the state was used to “form a demographic process.”

Other leaders in the region, including Serbian President Alexander Vucci, also addressed the forum, expressing concern about the declining population growth in Europe compared to the rest of the world. If the status quo continues, “within 30 years Nigeria (a country in Africa) will have more inhabitants than the entire European Union and more than the United States,” he said.

Pence talked about the right to abortion in the US Republican-led state parliament at a crucial time, enacting increasingly restrictive legislation, and a conservative majority of the Supreme Court recently banned most abortions from Texas law. Allowed the enforcement of.

The court will then consider a Mississippi ban on most abortions after 15 weeks.

Anti-abortion activists want the court to use the proceedings to overturn the Roe v. Wade case, a groundbreaking 1973 ruling guaranteeing women’s constitutional rights to abortion. ..

Mike Pence hopeful the Supreme Court will restrict abortion in the U.S. Source link Mike Pence hopeful the Supreme Court will restrict abortion in the U.S.

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