Milder Tuesday then cooler winds of change – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-02-23 07:06:26 –

Enjoy a spring-like Tuesday before the temperature returns to normal. After starting the day with the usual early morning cold, it gets warmer throughout the 1960s. Some spots may temporarily touch 70.

The sun is increasing on the way. Some more clouds will move at the end of the day, but go ahead and immerse yourself in as many wonderful conditions as possible. The wind is refreshing today, but not strong enough to knock out your feet. The northern cold front will bring stronger winds tonight.

When the front blows tonight, the sky will be partially cloudy and the wind will be gustling. The lows will return from the 20s to the 30s, so there isn’t much change, but you’ll feel a cool change during the day on Wednesday. The front is unlikely to sprinkle southeast of the turnpike, but most of us can remain dry.

It’s not as calm in the middle of the week as the north wind blows cold air into the area. However, maximum temperatures are still close to average, and Arctic air remains trapped in the north.

Moisture can also occur later in the week. The first chance is to go west from Wednesday night to early Thursday. Snow develops west of Colorado and can extend some light snow showers across state boundaries. Accumulation is minimal and light.

On Fridays, it can rain / snow mainly in the east. Moisture is more likely to spread from the end of the weekend to the beginning of the new week. This rain and snow potential is still early and may vary in intensity from the truck and should be carefully monitored. It will take a few days for the highs to return to their late 50s on Saturday, after which another cool-down will begin.

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